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Buying Furniture off the Back of a Truck

Written by Nickel - 227 Comments

This past Sunday I heard a knock at the door and opened it to find a guy who gave me a quick pitch about how he was in town from North Carolina with a tractor trailer loaded with furniture that they were liquidating as part of the “summer markdown.” He went on to say that they were selling it for $0.30 on the dollar and invited me to see what they had in the truck.

It turns out that they were going up and down the street trying to get people to come out to see their wares. We don’t need any furniture, and there’s no way I’m going to buy it off the back of a truck from a guy who cold called at my front door but, curious guy that I am, I went out to see what was up.

When I got out to the street, I noticed that the door of the truck said something about Thomasville Distributing Co. (or something like that) out of High Point, NC. While I’m familiar with the Thomasville brand of furniture, I somehow doubt that these guys were official representatives of Thomasville Furniture Industries, Inc. It seems more likely that they slapped some letters on a truck that made them sound official and then went out looking for some scammable souls.

Anyway, when I got to the truck, it was chock full of apparently new furniture, ranging from a grandfather clock to living room and bedroom sets. They had some slick brochures and official looking price lists, but it was unclear exactly what brand the furniture was. And what about those low, low bargain prices? Most of the full sets were ‘marked down’ down from ~$10k to ~$3k, which got me wondering…

How often do these guys stumble upon someone that’s willing to shell out three grand for furniture off the back of a truck from a total stranger who happened to knock on their door on a Sunday afternoon? It must work at least occasionally, otherwise they wouldn’t be doing it. Beyond this, I’m really curious as to what the underlying scam is – again, I’m assuming here that people with legitimate truckloads of Thomasville furniture don’t make a living by pulling into subdivisions and trying to unload their wares in the middle of the street. I’ve Googled around a bit looking for an answer, but I haven’t run across anything related to this.

Was this really Thomasville furniture, or some sort of knockoff? Were the pieces factory seconds, or perhaps otherwise damaged? Or maybe they were stolen? Then again, maybe it’s perfectly normal for roving furniture salesman to go door-to-door trying to offload a truckload of home furnishings on a Sunday afternoon.

Regardless, I think that I can safely add these guys to my list of people to whom I wouldn’t write a check.

Update: Reader ‘hoops4ever’ provided a link to the Thomasville FAQ page, which contains the following information:

Someone in my area claims they are selling Thomasville furniture off of a truck. Are they legitimate?

No, we have heard of situations like this and would like to caution you about this furniture. While the truck may say that it is from Thomasville (the city in North Carolina), the furniture is not made by Thomasville Furniture Industries. Thomasville furniture is sold exclusively in retail stores – from Thomasville Home Furnishings stores to authorized galleries and dealers. To find the store nearest you, please visit our online Store Finder.

Published on July 7th, 2005
Modified on October 6th, 2010 - 227 Comments
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About the author: is the founder and editor-in-chief of this site. He's a thirty-something family man who has been writing about personal finance since 2005, and guess what? He's on Twitter!

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227 Responses to “Buying Furniture off the Back of a Truck”

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  1. 1
    FMF Says:

    Good thing they didn’t come to our house. My wife can’t resist a “deal”? ;-)

  2. 2
    hoops4ever Says:

    I had the same thing in my neighborhood a few years ago. Check out the last question at the bottom of this page:

  3. 3
    jim Says:

    My friends bought stereo equipment off the back of a truck just like that. The equipment was legit but probably stolen. College life was great. :)

  4. 4
    Matt Says:

    My best guess is that the furniture is stolen. The truck may be a rental or it might be a legitimate furniture truck that was stolen full.

    But no…you don’t want to pay them with a check. :)

  5. 5
    jim Says:

    Is it more likely to be stolen or just cheap knockoffs? It sounds like the racket happens alot which would lead me to believe it’s just knockoff furniture.

    I wouldn’t buy anything off the back of a truck, they have terrible return policies. :)

  6. 6
    BlogDog Says:

    I had the same thing happen to me about a year ago, but with meat. The “salesmen” said he was from some meat packing company in the Raleigh, NC area and had a flyer about all the meat they had in there truck they were selling at HUGE discount. Now, all the meat looked great: burgers, chicken, steak, seafood … but I wasn’t buying. I asked if there was a number and if I could all them and place an order. The “salesman” replyed … “and I thought you wanted a deal. No, you can’t call in an order.”

    Is this just a NC thing?

  7. 7
    Sarah Says:

    Seth Godin’s new book has an anecdote in it (that I only sort of remember, but the gist is there) about a student selling speakers out of the back of a U-Haul truck near a college campus.

    Apparently the merchandise was actually more expensive than that which could be found at a local manufacturer, but the whole truckload went quickly because people naturally assumed it was stolen and never considered that the price wouldn’t be discounted. It was never stated that the merchandise was stolen (of course) but this smart salesperson played on peoples’ expectations.

  8. 8
    nickel Says:

    I’ve actually run into people selling speakers out of the back of a van in a grocery store parking lot. Coincidentally, I ran into this while living in a college town. At the time, I heard that even if the speakers appear to be a decent brand, the actual guts of them are total crap (counterfeit, I guess). Thus, even if it really is a discount compared to in-store prices, you’re not getting a deal.

  9. 9
    Harp Says:

    Thomasville Furniture Industries (TFI), a division of Furniture Brands International (which also owns Henredon, Drexel Heritage, Maitland Smith and other fine brands) is located in a city called Thomasville, North Carolina. It only distributes its products from authorized Thomasville Stores and Galleries (which are in actual buildings). TFI has a vested interest in the success of the local retailers that carry its brands and would not undermine that interest by driving around suburban neighborhoods.

    Thomasville Furniture Industries is second only to La-Z-Boy in brand name recognition for the furniture industry overall and probably has the highest brand name recognition associated with high-end market segments. Therefore, the name “Thomasville” carries a reputation for quality and evokes images of style and elegance.

    Unfortunately, the distributors that drive through suburban neighborhoods are capitalizing on the fact that the North American consumer knows Thomasville Furniture Industries by the brand name “Thomasville”. They are able to get away with this because Thomasville, North Carolina is also a place. They typically have Thomasville, NC stenciled on the outside of their trucks but will carry none of the products produced by Thomasville Furniture Industries inside their trucks. Instead, they tend to sell other brands from the higher part of the low-end market segment or the lower middle market segment.. Its easy to print up flyers that show 70% savings but when buying from the back of a truck, its difficult for a buyer to fact check or shop the same brands. You can get a better deal and more selection buying from a local store. You will also have an easier time with service or warranty issues should they arise.

  10. 10
    Thomas Villescammed Says:

    Well, my wife fell for it, just bought a couch and loveseat from these guys saying it was Thomasville furniture… they parked their truck in a gas station and had a bunch of furniture on display. i told my wife the furniture was either stolen or a knockoff… she bought it anyhow. actually, it looks ok, and the price was good, but, it will probably fall apart in a few years, or give us fleas !!!

    i just showed her the FAQ on the real thomasville website, that she was scammed, and she still doesnt care …she still thinks it was a good bargain’.

  11. 11
    Melinda Says:

    They were just in Martinsville, VA with the same scam. I did get the tag numbers of the truck and trailer and a cell phone number so I could call them after I ask my Husband about it. They are as follows NC tag BA7499 on the truck and the trailer was 46790 the cell phone number is 336-870-1640. If you can scam the scamers please or put them where they belong, in jail.

  12. 12
    Joe Says:

    Same thing in CT, never said is was Thomasville furniture but a company from Thomasville, NC. I called the local police dept and they verified it was legit they had given them a license to see here in town. So, we looked up the furniture online and found the exact same items and decided it was a great deal, bought it and we love it.

    Good Luck

  13. 13
    harambee78 Says:

    Just had a guy come by my home here in Gainesville, FL today with this scam. White truck said Thomasville. Guy said, “We’re down from Thomasville, NC with a truckload of great furniture we’re trying to move at discount prices. Want to check it out?”

    No way I was falling for it, but afterward I Googled to find out what was up with this and found your blog entry.

    Did these guys really drive all the way down from NC with a truck of furniture so they could patrol my subdivision door-to-door. Somehow I doubt they are really from NC.

  14. 14
    mam Says:

    High point is the furniture capital of the world. hundreds of manufacturers of quality furniture are within a one humdred mile radius. this furniture is constantly sold from both manufacturers and showrooms by the truckloads and carried nationwide to be resold at remarkable savings. IT IS NOT STOLEN. these guys do not have the extreme overhead the stores do and can sellit this way. besides Thomasville Furniture Industries has closed almost all of their plants and gone overseas and has put hundreds of families out of work in Thomasville and the surrounding area I would not buy from them because of that.

  15. 15
    Rhonda Says:

    I am feeling scammed. On 12/09/06, I bought 2 Hamilton House chairs and a window seat from this truck in Gainesville, FL. Now I am concerned that I have either purchased stolen property or that the furniture is not good quality like I was led to believe. When I tried to search for Hamilton House furniture, I could find nothing on Hamilton House chairs. Can anyone tell me anything about Hamilton House furniture made by Hampton Mfg in Thomasville, NC?

    I did contact the driver of the truck and let him know that I realized that I had been likely scammed. My trust in people is really shaken at the moment, so I may be paranoid, but I do find it interesting that comment #14 that begins with “High Point is the furniture capitol of the world” and goes on to say that that the furniture is not stolen… was posted shortly after my conversation with the driver. Perhaps this is coincidence, but I noticed that whoever posted that comment has the same initials as the driver.

    With that said, if anyone missed their opportunity and wants to purchase some Hunter Green Hamilton House chairs really cheap, let me know. I just want to get them out of my house so that I can get past the pain of being scammed.

  16. 16
    nickel Says:

    “these guys do not have the extreme overhead the stores do”

    It’s important to keep in mind that the ‘overhead’ being referred to here includes things like warranties and return policies.

  17. 17
    Polly Says:

    WATCH OUT THEY’RE IN ORLANDO,FL. KNOCKED ON OUR DOOR MY HUSBAND SAID “No” (Smart Man). I went to the internet hopefully to warn others.

  18. 18
    Rob Says:

    They stopped by our place this week in the Chicago Burbs. At least the guy had an accent! I’m sure glad I trusted my instinct and said no. Assuming your not paying sales tax, isn’t what they are doing considered illegal?

  19. 19
    Nick Says:

    They’re here in Tampa, FL. So watch out. Same speech and everything, It was a white truck with Thomasville and some kind of bulldog, on the trailer.

  20. 20
    shredder Says:

    Its easy to print up flyers that show 70% savings but when buying from the back of a truck, its difficult for a buyer to fact check or shop the same brand.

  21. 21
    ily Says:

    A tractor trailer with the logo and ad from Thomasville came to my neighborhood in Indian Trail NC the other day. I didn’t go in the truck. The truck looked legit and the guys running it also. I don’t know I don’t think they would run the risk of doing that if it weren’t. Anyone could call the police on them and they would be immediately caught. It’s hard to get away in a tractor trailer with a huge logo. I have to find out more on this.

  22. 22
    ily Says:

    OK after I commented above I went to Thomasville’s website and this what they said based on the following question:

    Someone in my area claims they are selling Thomasville furniture off of a truck. Are they legitimate?
    No, we have heard of situations like this and would like to caution you about this furniture. While the truck may say that it is from Thomasville (the city in North Carolina), the furniture is not made by Thomasville Furniture Industries. Thomasville furniture is sold exclusively in retail stores – from Thomasville Home Furnishings stores to authorized galleries and dealers. To find the store nearest you, please visit our online Store Finder.

  23. 23
    Phil Rosenow Says:

    I bought from them 4 or 5 years ago,no problem at all. I also have 3 teenagers so the furniture gets a workout .Call me naive or gullible but wheres the scam? Because they claim its Thomasville Furniture, that may be true, many furniture companies are in Thomasville NC. Personally, I could care less who made it as long as it is well constructed and is appealing. Does everyone really think they aren’t buying similar furniture at most furniture stores, just cuz’ you pay thousands more doesn’t guarantee anything. I have no axe to grind for or against these gypsies, its my decison whether to say if I’m interested or not.

  24. 24
    Neely O'Hara Says:

    Phil has it right — what’s the scam?

    They never actually SAY it’s from the correct, accurate name of the true Thomasville Furniture company, so they’re not lying. They’re selling furniture off the back of a truck, for goodness sake! Logic tells you it simply CANNOT be the highest-quality merchandise, but as Phil says, it it looks OK and holds up OK, what’s the big deal?

    If you buy furniture off the back of a truck, you made the decision, of your own free will, to go for a bargain. No scam there.

  25. 25
    Scott Says:

    We’ve had these guys come through our neighborhood a couple of times over the last couple of years. A neighbor of mine happened to know a lot about the particular brand of grandfather clock that was on the truck, and mentioned that it was a great deal on that clock. The furniture, however, was obviously generic, and I’d have a hard time buying stuff that way.

    There are ways to get deals on furniture from NC by dealing directly with manufacturers, doing your research, etc. We bought our dinette set for about $1400 (including shipping) when a local store was selling the exact same brand/model for about $2100 (and that was their “lowest price of the year” sale price). If you don’t mind waiting a few weeks for delivery, it’s worth it.

  26. 26
    Fernando Says:

    Yes, these guys just stopped by my house in the Chicago Suburbs too. We just bought a brand new semi-custom home and they said that a girl was going to stage a model home and she cancelled at the last minute. they had couches, chairs and clocks. Here’s the thing though, all the couches and chairs were identical except for the fabric. It was nice looking stuff, but seeing how everything was pretty much identical I smelled a rat. The guy never said he was from Thomasville Furniture, just said they were from North Carolina and the truck said Thomasville NC on the side of it. The guys said they were desperate to sell the stuff at 50% off because they needed to get to O’Hare Aiport tomorrow to pick up fabric to ship down to North Carolina factory and that’s where they make their real money from freight. My fiancee wanted to buy a set of couches, but I paused got the guy’s cell and told them I’d call them tomorrow if we could figure out a way to afford it. We had the money, I just wanted time to research these guys and I found this thread. I even took pics with my cell phone camera and the tags to look them up. The clocks seemed nice and I wanted one, but you can get a knock off rolex from china that looks identical to the real thing too!

    Btw..the other guys didn’t talk, but the sales guy had a thick North Carolina accent and was very convincing. I could tell how he could easily fool some people.

  27. 27
    Paul Says:

    These guys just showed up at our door this morning. Big white semi with Discount Furniture, Thomasville, NC on the side. They had the back doors of the semi open and a side door open with a guy sitting in the open door.

    The drove slowly up and down the street while another guy went door to door looking for suckers… er, customers.

    He gave out a “business card” with Cottle Transport, Inc. Overstock Furniture Sales.
    Thomasville, NC.

    I did a Google search and found that there is a Cottle Transport, Inc in High Point, NC. But that’s all I could find.

    The thing that I can’t figure out is who in their right mind would buy furniture from a semi truck going door to door? That’s just nuts!

    This scam shouldn’t ever work. Not even once. If people will buy furniture from a semi truck driving down your street what idiotic scam won’t they fall for?

    Hey, I hear that next week a surgeon from the Mayo Clinic has some overstock surgery in the back of an old truck and will be through the neighborhood with transplants at some GREAT prices. Come on out to the truck and take a look.

  28. 28
    micki Says:

    The same guys stopped by my house in Chicago burbs with the same story. I was planning by 2 new chairs. I saw what they had. I bought them. I know its a scam of some kind; but the check wasn’t altered and got what I paid for.
    like I said, a few neighbors were standing around and trying to figure out the scam BEFORE i bought the chairs. The recliners are leather but they have a tag that says Lane. I know they’re not Lane and I know I have no guarantee. But I have my chairs. And the salesman had the NC accent; the other guys didn’t talk.

  29. 29
    Fernando Says:

    If you want good furniture at a bargain price and you live in the chicagoland area, go to Harlem Furniture Outlet Center in Lombard, Ill. I got a full living room set in the clearance center for $1000 and it came brand new! Some stuff is damaged and some of it ugly, but at least you know what your getting. Not something off the back of a truck. To be honest with you the only thing I was interested in was the grandfather clock.

  30. 30
    ANGIE Says:

    Well I guess my husband was scammed this past week because he bought a grand father clock, formal dinning room set w/ china cabinet and a Victorian style living room sofa and wing back chair. But I also have my bank to hold responsable as well because when you have xxx amount of $$$ in your account and the bank wouldn’t clear the check why did they turn around and clear the check several days later with less $$$ in the account? Stupid them (bank)for accepting the check, stupid me for not following my guts and putting a stop payment on the check.

  31. 31
    Rick Says:

    Exact same thing happened to me in the Chicago suburbs. Same truck, same guy with the accent and everything. He told me they were down from Thomasville and had some overstock that they could get rid of at 75% discount. I told the guy no and started to shut the door, but he actually pushed the door back open and tried to come inside! OMG! I shot him and then he was able to get out the front door and in the truck. They took off and I haven’t seen them around the neighborhood.

    Hopefully they won’t be bothering anybody any longer.

  32. 32
    JOHN Says:


  33. 33
    Fernando Says:

    Well then, why do you guys ACT as if your from Thomasville Furniture? Why don’t just say your selling furniture off the back of a truck rather than acting as if your something your not? You come up with some big elaborate stories about you need to dump the stuff now blah blah blah. Also, please provide links of Lane Furniture, chippendale and what not.

  34. 34
    Brandon Says:

    I don’t think I would buy furniture off the back of a truck because my wife is very warranty conscious. That said, I don’t see why it would be such a terrible idea. I mean, sure it probably isn’t the best stuff in the world, and you definitely should not have illusions about the brand names (though I would still tend to believe the tags on the furniture itself). That all said, if you feel like you got a good deal, don’t feel guilty. I mean, oh wah, I don’t have Thomas Furniture chairs, does that mean I’m a bad person? If I liked them, and they are holding up ok, then that is fine.

    Oh yeah, and um… we already have furniture so I don’t think we’d be in the market for truck-wares :)

  35. 35
    whitey Says:

    My wife bought a nice cherry sofa table and a really nice high-back chair off the truck about six years ago for about $100 total and the quality was great. We got rid of the table (which was holding up just fine) a few months ago when we remodeled the room, but the chair is still as nice as the day we bought it. This isn’t a ‘SCAM’ as some would call it, although the guys do embellish the story a bit. I would buy from them again. If there was a number I could call to find out when they’re coming through again, or to make specific requests, that would be great. I’m in Mechanicsburg, PA btw.

  36. 36
    CR Says:

    What are some of you thinking? These guys are from the High Point area. They buy cheaply made goods and mark them up more than any store. They give the illusion of a brand name. They are not brand names. This is how these guys make a living. Selling poorly made goods at huge mark ups under the guise of a “deal”.

    If you know nothing about quality and furniture pricing these are great deals.

  37. 37
    t jones Says:

    hey this for all you people who think you got scammed i used to do this for a living had my own truck and i baught my funiture factory direct from nc i sold like this to but i told people the truth that i sale to the public at a dicount from what you would pay in a local store but i dealt only in quaily furniture some of these ppls do lye just look at the furniture and make your own common sense decisionthere are some honest pedlars around just be careful and you can sve alot of money this way

  38. 38
    Jim Says:

    This sounds like a good money making deal. I would like to be involved in this.
    What is wrong with door to door sales?
    Some of you folks have no business answering the door. Stay under your bed, and let the adults take care of business, please.

  39. 39
    nickel Says:

    No business answering the door? Stay of my friggin’ property.

  40. 40
    T-R-A Says:

    In some parts of the country, we “adults” answer the door packing heat (and I don’t mean a blow-dryer). Just the way it is, given the way things have become. There’s more “side-of-beef-we-can’t-sell” type guys around here trying to sell out of a freezer on the back of a pickup, and they know by this point that they don’t venture this far out. Sure you wanna try that kind of business here Jim?

  41. 41
    Michelle Says:

    These guys stopped by our office park in Mobile, AL going from door to door claiming to have Thomasville furniture. When I confronted one man about this article, and the fact that he is scamming people, he claimed that he never said the furniture was Thomasville and that he was selling other brand names from many distributors. He showed me some brochures that look professional claiming that some of the furniture was from Ashley and other fine retailers. When I looked closely, the brochure read “Ashly” furniture, not Ashley, and did not have the usual Ashley logo. These guys are deffinitely scamming people.

  42. 42
    whitey Says:

    I’m happy with the stuff we bought. If you’re buying furniture based solely on the brand name and not the actual quality of the materials and construction, you’re the one getting scammed.

  43. 43
    Crystal Says:

    In St. Petersburg, Florida today. Nice rig that said “Thomasville Furniture.” Actually stopped at our office. Pretty funny because we are a law office…….

  44. 44
    Sandra Says:

    This is pretty incredible! I was just cleaning my sofa that I bought off the back of a truck 15 years ago in Houston when I saw the Hamilton furniture tag and thought about the wonders of the internet and decided to see if there was any information. That got me to this website! To those who are feeling scammed….its been a good sofa and I STILL LIKE IT even if I was scammed! Ps Bought a wing chair to go with it!

  45. 45
    Judy Says:

    These guys come around annually where I live in MD, claiming to have a canceled order. When I called the police I was amazed to hear the city had given them a permit to do this. Who needs a pollution belching semi in a narrow side street. After I told them to get lost they called my home phone, obviously using an address directory because they used the fake name we list to be able to hang up on telemarketers. Same voice, same accent. This time the police agreed to go tell them they cannot hassle people who refuse to fall for their racket.

  46. 46
    frank Says:

    I did this for over 20 years. This busuness started in the late 60s and early 70’s took off big time in the late 70s and early 80s I don’t do it no more because it is a lie, and a scam. The furniture is bought from local mom & pop Upholstery shops in High Point & Thomasville, NC. A lot of the leather goods are coming out of China now
    The one dude said he sold it with out Lying. he’s a lyer. The tags are marked up about five times over what they are worth. He\’ll tell you that’s the suggested retail price, but he will deal you out at about a tird of that. Not so. They will knock out about $ 100.00 clear on a chair. About $ 400 to $ 500 on a living room suite, about $ 500 to $ 1000 on bedroom and dining room.
    I sold this stuff all over the U.S. North south east and west. Even had a state wide consumer alert put out on us in Arkansas in 1983. We had four tractors and trailers working all over the state.
    My story was that I carried the load to a new dealer. He didn’t have the money to pay for it c.o.d. so we had to load it back up. We had a load to pick up going back to N.C. and didn’t have room for it, so if you would buy we would sale it to you at dealers cost, no freight, and enclude the tax. If you bought enough I would even call the boss and get you maybe an even better deal. Sold truckload after truckload using that line.
    I’m out of that business now. Been out of for 14 years. To the hundreds of people I scamed I’m truly sorry.
    Need any more imfo let me know.

  47. 47
    Marie Says:

    I also live in MD and these guys stopped at my house last night. My husband pulled off and approximately 10 minutes later my door bell rang. I opened it and got a spiel about a neighbourhood delivered and the excess that he would like to get rid of. I went to look with my husband on the phone and he insisted I go back inside lock the door and tell them to come back in 20 minutes when he is back. (We just bought a new home and we do need a lot of furniture) They came back and we bought a formal living room set and a couple accent pieces all in good condition.(Oh btw it was a good price better that what we have been seeing). All in all it would be wrong of me to say anything bad about these 3 guys. Two of the 3 had wife and kids back home, they were very personable and helpful. By the time they left out home I gave them a something to drink and promised them dinner if we ever meet again.

    I truly believe these are knock off but they look very good, I will make a determination on quality in the years to come. I am not advocating going out to random guys and endangering yourselves… I am just saying my experience with these guys were pleasant full of conversation and not at all frightening. (I wouldn’t have done it without my big burly husband however)

  48. 48
    Fernando Says:

    Is it me, or does it seem as if these truck driving scammers are posting fake posts to try to make their business sound legitimate? Get real jobs and leave the normal hard working people alone!

  49. 49
    Not sold Says:

    A truck just pulled up in my neighborhood about an hour ago. Told them I wasn’t interested. Their spiel was the “order was canceled and we have a permit to sell the merchandise.” He said he was from North Carolina, and he did have some sort of southern accent.

    Never had heard about this kind of scam, but it was too good to be true, so I was wary. (Also, I didn’t need any furniture.)

  50. 50
    frank Says:

    I’m tell’n ya’ll you can ease your mind all you want to, but this furnture is not what they say it is. P.T. Barnum once said “there is a sucker born every day.”

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