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The Best of FCN – Selections from 11/05

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I’ve recently noticed that when I refer to an older post, people often leave comments saying things along the lines of “Wow, what a great tip, I never knew that.” In fact, even the most regular readers seem to sometimes miss things that I’ve written. This got me to thinking that it might be worth posting periodic summaries of what I think are the best/most useful posts from the relatively recent past. So here’s what I’ve decided… At the end of each month, I’ll put together an entry highlighting my personal favorites from the previous calendar month. Since we just finished December 2005, I’ll be covering the best of November 2005 here…

Here goes:

Nov. 1, 2005Emigrant’s Dirty Little Secret
Nov. 3, 2005Save Big on Well-Child Care
Nov. 9, 2005Emigrant’s Dirty Little Explanation
Nov. 11, 2005 Linking ING Direct and Emigrant Direct
Nov. 14, 2005Citi Credit Protector Rebates – Busted!
Nov. 15, 2005Selling Travel Certificates on eBay
Nov. 16, 2005Stamp Prices Set to Rise
Nov. 30, 2005Opt Out of Pre-Approved Credit Offers

As always, I also encourage you to peruse the archives for quick access to everything that’s ever been published on this site.

Published on January 2nd, 2006
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