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Moissanite Instead of Diamonds

Written by Nickel - 11 Comments

Just in time for Valentine’s Day… If you can’t afford diamonds, consider what may turn out to be the next best thing: Moissanite. First discovered in a meteorite crater in Arizona, Moissanite has the fire, luster and brilliance of a diamond, and it’s nearly as hard. While I’ve never seen it in person, Moissanite apparently lacks the ‘glassy’ appearance of cubic zirconia. So where (other than that Arizona crater) does it come from? It’s actually extremely rare to find it in nature, but a North Carolina company discovered (and patented) a process for growing it in the lab. The end result is a diamond look-alike that can be had for 1/10 the cost.

Published on February 13th, 2006 - 11 Comments
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11 Responses to “Moissanite Instead of Diamonds”

  1. 1
    Jose Says:

    I do think that costume jewelry is nice. Moissanite, Cubic Zirconia, and other diamond imitations are preety. Even glass is preety.
    But those are best left for when a girl wants to buy it for herself.

    On gifts I only believe on giving the real thing. No inmitations, no fakes, just like the real love. Of course, the only diamond I have given to my wife was the engagement one, I can’t afford to give diamonds every year. But whatever I give her is true, even if not expensive. As true as my love to her.

    A gift card to a jewelry store that carries diamond inmitations may be an option. Let her choose what she wants to wear.

  2. 2
    jim Says:

    I find that’s it’s more important to give a gift that required some thinking than one that just required a credit card. Jewelry is a nice backup but a good gift is much harder than that.

  3. 3
    Bill Says:

    Check out Wikipedia for the discovery of “Moissanite” a.k.a. Silicon carbide. It was synthetically created in 1893 by Edward Goodrich Acheson, before it was discovered in nature in 1905 as part of the Arizona meteorite to which you refer. Acheson was awarded the patent for its creation.

  4. 4
    nickel Says:

    Thanks Bill. I wasn’t aware of that.

  5. 5
    Tracy Says:

    Instead of Moissanite, you may want to look in to White Zircon. It’s real and just as pretty.

  6. 6
    David Says:

    Girlfriend and I picked out a Moissanite engagement ring. Excellent stone. No one knows it isn’t a diamond and we don’t tell them it is. Beautiful. Don’t let the debeers marketing campaign fool you. Diamonds are just rocks and the only reason they have such high value is that debeers owns 85 percent of the market. Also, if you have a small village in Africa and decide to mine your own diamonds yourself, they will KILL you. Search “blood diamonds” on the internet. Check Moissanite out at an independent jewelry store.

  7. 7
    mark Says:

    If it looks like a diamond, is as hard as a diamond, quality of a diamond, of course i’ll buy moissanite. Only an idiot would spend $5,400 more just to say “it’s the real thing.” Believe me, no cares if it’s the real thing. It’s the look and quality that counts, and the price of course.

  8. 8
    Shawn Says:

    Jose and a few of you are idiots. It’s only “real” like love because Debeers and their marketing have convinced you that it’s the only way to prove ones love…

    freak’n stupid!

  9. 9
    John Frum Says:

    From Wikipedia: “Colours vary widely and are graded in the I-J-K range on the diamond color grading scale…Since 1998, when the first moissanite reached the jewelry market, it has been regarded as an excellent fine jewel, with optical properties exceeding those of diamond. Because it has its own unique appearance, it can not be truly called a diamond simulant…In many developed countries, the use of moissanite in jewelry has been patented; these patents expire in 2015…High power SiC electronic devices are expected to play an enabling and vital role in the design of protection circuits used for motors, actuators, and energy storage or pulse power systems.”

    The I-J-K range on the diamond color scale is in the “slightly colored” category.

    Owing to the patent situation, one might reasonably expect prices of Moissanite to fall in the next 2-3 years. On the other hand, demand for Moissanite by electronics firms might push prices up–or it might only stimulate supply.

  10. 10
    MMSDave Says:

    I don’t buy into the DeBeers line of bull. Diamonds are for sharpening my knife and cutting other hard objects. And they are NOT forever.

  11. 11
    WealthSaver Says:

    Besides religion, diamonds are the biggest hoax perpetrated on starry eyed youth.

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