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Reverse ABA Routing Number Lookup

Written by Nickel - 10 Comments

I’m not sure how or when this might end up being useful, but I learned a cool trick from a commenter awhile back… You can do a reverse bank lookup by entering an ABA routing number at this site. I tried it out for a few banks (ING Direct, HSBC Direct and Emigrant Direct) and it seems to work nicely. So file it away in case you ever have a need for it.

Published on March 28th, 2006 - 10 Comments
Filed under: Banking

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10 Responses to “Reverse ABA Routing Number Lookup”

  1. 1
    m@ Says:

    Interesting. I just looked up my bank’s and there are two institutions listed. Wonder how that happens. It’s not a site error since they say “Institution(s)”.

  2. 2
    PAB Says:

    I’ve always enjoyed using this link for verifying bank or credit union information, or looking up the routing number.

    A simple search will also allow you to retrieve the city and state that the routing number is registered to as well as the telephone number for the financial institution.

    I’ve used it personally and professionally to try to verify the validity of checks that have been received. The telephone number also helps because then you have a place to start if you want to call and verify the availability of funds.

  3. 3
    grizzwald Says:

    The reason more than 1 institution is listed is because routing numbers are not unique identifiers. Many small banks and credit unions will share routing numbers for the purpose of accepting wire transfers and ACH. I have used both sites. The reverse routing number lookup is just the free version available to everyone without registration. You can register for free trial access to the subscriber version which includes detailed information including department phone numbers, ACH contact information and multiple routing numbers. I am a paid subscriber to the full-service version. The company that provides this is Lyons Commercial Data…they have been providing this service to banks and other payment processors for about 10 years. The problem with the other site (the Federal Reserve site)is that they don’t update it and they only have 1 routing number listed per institution…many banks and credit unions have several valid routing numbers.

  4. 4
    That Guy Says:

    Internet scams have gotten off of the net and into our mail :( I recently recieved a letter and check for roughly $5k stating that I had won $100k in a multimillion dollar giveaway. The letter stated that there had been many attempts to contact me which is ironic because I have had a small courier attempting to deliver a package very late in the evening. Eventhough I might have wanted to believe my luck would change I am thankful for finding your site. I was able to check the routing number and I’m sure that the lotto is a fraud. Thank you so much – That Guy

  5. 5
    angela Says:

    I have a bank a/c number that I want to trace back to see what bank it belongs to– i don’t have a routing # — and ideas?

  6. 6
    jen Says:

    i have the aba routing number and it gave me the bank it belongs to. the question is now, how do i find out who the checking account belongs to since i have both the account and the aba number. please help

  7. 7
    Pradip Singh Bohara Says:

    how do i download aba routing number of commercial bank in america.

  8. 8
    Mitch Says:

    Where do I input a routing number to find bank location on this site?

  9. 9
    Kristen Says:

    if the routing number checks out could it still be fake?

  10. 10
    UnsatisfiedwWellsFargoBank Says:

    I am trying to figure out what this number is on the back of my check. There is no bank name or information like usually seen on the back of a signed and deposited check. It is a 20 digit number on the back. Is this a check cashing place? Was it deposited in an ATM? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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