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Dish Network Customer Service SUCKS

Written by Nickel - 534 Comments

I wrote last month about a minor customer service snag that we ran into when we had our Dish Network service connected. The problem was that the installation fee ($49.99) was supposed to be credited back to us on our first bill, but it wasn’t. Well, this small problem has now turned into a huge annoyance.

Before we get rolling, I just want to say that this is a bit ranty. But everyone needs a good rant now and then.

Okay, for a quick recap, I called customer service way back when I received the bill without the $50 credit. After getting the runaround from the CSR, I finally got to a supervisor who couldn’t do anything but apologize and say that they couldn’t give me the rebate since they had no record of me having signed an eighteen month commitment (required for the ‘free’ installation).

She insisted that I needed to call the reseller and have them re-send the contract. I objected, as this problem is clearly between the Dish and the reseller — why should I have to fix it? When I got no further (other than a $10 account credit) I hung up and called the reseller. He said that it’s not uncommon for Dish to lose the paperwork, and that he would just send it again.

A couple of weeks later I checked online and saw that they still hadn’t credited me, so I e-mailed them about it (I really didn’t want to sit on hold again). When I didn’t hear back from them for a week (not even an acknowledgment that they had received my initial query) I called them — again. This time the CSR that I spoke to said that there was a notation on my account that my e-mail had been received and forwarded to the Promotions Department, and that I should be hearing back soon. So the next morning I called the reseller to see what he could do. He said that he would go ahead and call the Retail Customer Service line to get things straightened out. That was a week ago. When I logged last night to see if things had been sorted out I found that we were still credit-less. So I called (AGAIN!).

This time I waited on hold for about five minutes before I spoke to a CSR that said she was going to put me on hold so she could check on things. That was the last I heard from her. No, she didn’t hang up. She just put me on eternal hold. After about 10-12 minutes, I grabbed my cell phone and called (AGAIN!!!), but I left the original call on speaker just to see if the CSR would ever come back (she didn’t). This time I immediately asked the CSR for a supervisor, and was promptly (well, not really promptly — it took about 20 minutes for it all to unfold) told that they had no record of my 18 month committment, and that there was nothing that they could do.

She then tried to bluff me by asking whether or not I had a copy of the contract. The installer doesn’t leave one with you, so she was expecting me to say no, which would give her an easy out. As it turns out, I DO have a copy of the contract — the reseller faxed it to me. When I told her this and asked for her fax number so I could send it to her, she blanched — I caught her totally offguard and she had no idea what to say. After stumbling around for a bit, she said that the reseller had to contact Retail Customer Service to straighten this out.

So, finally, I called the reseller (A-G-A-I-N!!!) and left a message… In short, I told him that I’m done dealing with this. Either I receive $49.99 (either from Dish or from him, I don’t really care) or I’ll be contacting both the Better Business Bureau and the State Attorney General’s Office. Yes, I know that $49.99 isn’t really worth all this trouble. And yes, I do realize that I could just cancel my service (after all, they keep telling me that they have no record of my 18 month commitment). But I’m pissed, and I’m on a crusade. I’ve already looked up the contact info for the AG’s office, and I have the Better Business Bureau website bookmarked.

So here’s my advice: If you’re looking for satellite TV service, get DirecTV.

Hmmm… It appears that people are having similar troubles with DirecTV customer service, as well.

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Published on July 17th, 2006
Modified on December 22nd, 2011 - 534 Comments
Filed under: House & Home

About the author: is the founder and editor-in-chief of this site. He's a thirty-something family man who has been writing about personal finance since 2005, and guess what? He's on Twitter!

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534 Responses to “Dish Network Customer Service SUCKS”

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  1. 1
    FMF Says:

    I just love it when you rant! ;-)

  2. 2
    Blaine Moore Says:

    I bet they make the money when most people don’t bother trying to get their $50.

  3. 3
    Scott Says:

    I had the same sort of fun experience with Verizon. I had bought a phone online and cancelled service and returned it (via mail) within their meager 15 day grace period, but their warehouse didn’t process my return until after, so they charged me $180 in early cancellation. After dealing much too long with customer service and being blown off as “nothing we can do,” I filed online with the BBB. Within a month the Verizon offered to settle the claim and give me my $180 back!

  4. 4
    George Says:

    Great work nickel. As consumers, we need to make a stand against these terrible customer service experiences and billing problems. I too use the threat of contacting BBB, the state attorney general’s office, local newspapers consumer advocate, and sometimes a regulatory commission (SEC, utility commissions, FCC, etc.).

  5. 5
    dePriest Says:

    I think the problem with the install fee is part Dish Network’s new business model – don’t give customers the rebates they were promised and, in my and my mom’s cases, make the customer pay for repairs when the problem is on Dish Network’s end. I just emailed the FCC because of strange goings on with our Dish Service, I’ve put my complaint on a few websites and I’m contacting the BBB.

  6. 6
    Guest Says:

    I just signed on with Dish Nework with their Platinum HD package + all the other channels. It was an ordeal getting setup (install took 9 hours and subsequent 2 hour visit), and the billing has been off but I must say that I am extremely happy with the HD channels – they are awesome as well as the variety of programming.

    I signed on after receiving horrible customer service from Time Warner. They failed to show up twice to repair my non-functioning service.

    Service is really deteriorating in this country!

  7. 7
    daran Says:

    I have been a Dish customer for two years now. I have to say, get ready for continued shitty service from them. I had signed up for automatic bill pay but finally stopped it because they would incorrectly charge my account for things and I would be doing exactly what you’re going through for every little issue! I’ve come to accept that with every change in programming or credit it will involve an ordeal. The first thing to do when you’re talking to any Dish person is get their 3 digit “operator ID” and their name – take notes. I can’t tell you how many times I thought I’ve settled something and then later find out they have no record of it happening.! Dish has gone to hell.

    Another thing they do that drives me crazy is they charge you two months ahead of the start of a season when re-newing sports packages. I tell them to cancel and then re-up right before the season (but then, on opening day, have to call back and ask, “Where’s my sports package!?!” AAARG!).

  8. 8
    Shawn Levasseur Says:

    DirectTV has been very good to me.

    Only paid about 20 bucks for initial installation (I think, I may have even had that waived.)

    I was able to schedule the installer’s visit via the web, when I put in my order for satellite TV. I was able to get someone to come the very NEXT DAY!!!

    After a year of service, DirectTV gave me a gift of 3 free months of Showtime. Not a scam to stick me with the service after 3 months. It automatically dropped Showtime from my service after the free months. Very nice, they seem to know that customer retention is just as important as getting new customers (unlike my old cable company, Adelphia)

    I reccomend dealing directly with DirectTV and don’t go through any “resellers” with the great service you get by dealing with them direct. Why take a chance with anyone else.

  9. 9
    MD Says:

    I have to say I am greatful to DISH for making us realize that we don’t really need TV after all.

    About 4 months ago we decided to switch from DirecTV to DISH, because AT&T was running a promotion that would save us approximatley $30.00 per month. AT&T was great about getting things set up for the DISH install. And then the installer arrived. He didn’t know a coax from a hole in the wall. Proceeded to toss our DirecTV dish off of thrid story of our house into the yard, and install the DISH dish without performing a line of site test to their satellites. He finished the install, demonstrated a couple of channels, and left. Shame on me for not checking EVERY channel before he left.

    When we went to get aquainted with our new service that evening, we discovered that we could receive NOTHING from the main DISH satellite. We called DISH, they sent an another installer from the same shop who confirmed that installer #1 was a nitwit, and there was NO WAY we’d ever be able to recieve the majority of DISH services from our house.

    The installation shop, DISH and I agreed that the install shop would re-install our DirecTV gear, and we’d forget this ever occured. However, the DirecTV gear was so badly damaged after been hurled from the roof into the yard, that we were now without a workable Dish. Now the fun begins…

    Four months, thirty phone conversations and hundreds of emails later with both AT&T and DISH, and we still don’t have resolution. I’m pursuing this with the BBB and the AG’s office just to prove a point. We are still w/o TV service, and you know what? We don’t miss it!!!! We talk, we play games, we see friends, AND save $75.00 per month. For that, I thank DISH and AT&T.

  10. 10
    the Prince of Thrift Says:

    I have an idea, actual call to cancel…when they say but you have an 18 month comitment, you can respond aha, so where is my $50 credit.

  11. 11
    wifeofnickel Says:

    I actually tried that (sort of). When told they had no record of my 18 month commitment, I asked “So I can just go ahead and cancel my service right now?” Their response? “Sure, I can take care of that right now if you’d like.”

  12. 12
    Rocky Says:

    I was recently contacted by DISH stating I needed to read them some techinical information from each of my receivers or they would limit my service. I didn’t like the threat right off the bat so I told them I wasn’t going to do it. I even told them I have one receiver without a t.v. right now and the lady told me to move a t.v. or borrow a t.v. and hook it up or they would disable that recevier and limit my service. Well, that really ticked me off and I told her I wasn’t going to hook up a t.v. to it until it was convenient for me. She again ‘threatened’ me, so I hung up.
    Well, they called back in a couple of days and I wasn’t here to answer their call or call them back before they closed, and sure enough, THEY BLOCKED MY SERVICE (except of course for ppv) I was forced to call them the next day and go from t.v. to t.v. and read them technical info just to get my service restored. Seems to me if they can block my receivers remotely, they could get the information they needed remotely.
    I wrote emails to their customer service and got absolutely no reply, so I filed a complaint with the Attorny Generals Office.
    Just got off the phone with some jerk named Brian from their executive office. Here’s his response:
    “We have the legal right to interrupt your service or deactivate equipment as we wish per the residential agreement. I can send you a copy if you want”
    I told him LEGAL isn’t the point, its customer service thats in question and it sucks, and here was his response:
    “You can cancel the service if you wish, but we have the legal right to do what we did”.
    Needless to say, I’m canceling my service. Who could ask for better customer service….DISH Network, leading the way. I hope they have someplace to put all of the receivers I send back to them….perhaps theres a big enough place in their LEGAL department they can ‘put’ them.

  13. 13
    Treven Says:

    Ya, I have a similar type of deal with dishnetwork……(happily with direct tv now).

    Almost 2 years ago, I had a tree get in my way and was blocking my signal. I called them and asked if someone could come out and put it in a better spot, as I have tons of trees around and have no clue how to do it. They wanted to charge me $100 to do it, ya $100. I told them that I had been a customer for 3 years and I should get it free. Then they offered $50. I said look I can just call Direct TV today (Saturday) and have service tomorrow and I will get Tivo and the whole nine yards. And the dude didn’t even flinch. So I had my Tivo on Sunday around 2pm. Pretty damn quick! When I called them to cancel my service a lady told me they would have done it for free. I told them sorry you have lost out, it was nice doing business with you. Personally I like dishnetwork better, as for the way you can surf around, but I am much happier with Direct TV, Plus I am getting nfl sunday ticket this year (dishnetwork doesn’t offer that). So ya save yourself the hassel and go to Direct TV, also they offer a 5 buck a month protection plan for any lightening and if you need your dish moved. :D

  14. 14
    Mary Says:

    I too had a very similar problem with DishNetwork and they promotions. If I ordered the TOP 120 promo, I would get free installation and $100 cash rebate (that credits your account @ $ 10 per month for over a 10 month period). Because I opted not to go with the 18 month contract (as I wasn’t sure I would like DISH), they charged me the installation fee (however the sales rep said they wouldn’t)and I’m still getting charged the $ 49.99 per month! Even though I went on their website, printed and filled out the promo form for the $ 10.00 off immediately.
    Talk about customer service…………..
    I believe part of the problem is, we can’t “teach” customer service, it must be instilled in you. Second problem is, with such diversity in our country, everyone’s mannerism’s are not equal.
    Needless to say, I’m still with DishNetwork because I’m going to stay with them until they get it right!
    Please visit my blog sites, too:

    “seasoned people” and “Don’t get me started”(also about customer service)

  15. 15
    Sib Says:

    I found this site because I am going through Dish Network hell myself. I will not go into all the past problems, but my current one is:

    When we signed up, we signed up for the dish being installed on the main house and the smaller guest house getting a receiver. My guests have since left and I decided I would move into the guest house to rent out the main. When this was installed, I questioned the installer about the putting it on the guest house, but he said it would be easier to put it on the main house and if I wanted it moved later, that would be covered under the original installation.

    So the time has come to move it…I called to find out how to make that happen and was told it would be 100$US. I (out of curiosity) asked how much to cancel my contract and was told 110$US … with all the past problems, it was not a hard decision. Now all I have to do is to figure out how to cancel my autopay so that they have to bill me for the cancelation fee… that way I can add a harsh letter to go with the check.

  16. 16
    Chris Weaver Says:

    Nickel, I have had monster problems with dishnetwork too! Their outsourced call center is retarted! Finally after my last move they tried to connect service here 5 times (I told them they would NOT get line of site when I made the initial appointment) they finally let me out of the contract! I just got off the phone with their stupid customer service again, it took them 40 minutes to decide to refund the 1 month of advance service that we never recieved since we disconnected. I hate their service so much I would never go back, EVER! They suck, suck, suck, suck, suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. 17
    summerhiker Says:

    Am going through similar Customer Service hell myself and mind you, this is just for getting an installation done. The ones who contacted the BBB or the Atoorney General’s office, would like to know did it help, because I am planning to do that myself.

  18. 18
    rurugby Says:

    I have not been very impressed with DISH .. lots of problems with the DVR, and messages telling you to pay your bill on the set for a week after its paid in full …

    Sometimes just wish I stuck with cable … Dish keeps promoting how good their service is to which I find laughable …

    Curious to try DirectTV..

  19. 19
    Loke Uei Says:

    I had a bad experience recently. I signed up for Dish Network and the day they were supposed to install the dish/receivers, they did not turn up. so I called them to find out, according to their records, my apartment does not have Line of Sight (LOS) with the Satellite. You know what’s puzzling? there IS already an existing dish outside my apartment and the previous tenant was a Dish Network Subscriber. She even left me her 3 decoders/receivers.

    So what went on was numerous calls to their Customer Service and Technical support, and repeatedly telling me there’s no LOS when there is already a dish. I’ve asked for their tech support to call me when someone comes out to check LOS so that I can show them the dish. But none did, no one called, no one came out.

    After a week of arguing with their CSR and Tech Support folks, I finally gave up and switched to DirectTV.

    I can’t believe that they’ll just make a claim that there isn’t LOS in my apartment when in fact there IS!.

    I believe their local tech support did not even come out to check my apartment but simply said there isn’t LOS for whatever reason.

    bunch of losers. Now I hope I get my refund.

  20. 20
    Dishy Says:

    My problem is that local HD channels have an audio problem. Pay the money or cancel….

  21. 21
    steve Says:

    i had the dish for 3yrs i tried to call them to have a remote that stopped working replace. i was told i owed 900$ on my account. the information was based on the fact i had just gotten a new phone #, so i lived w the broken remote for a while. approximately a month later i tried and it sd that i still owed 900$. so i switched to charter cable. i had my service installed and i had to remove the equipment that they installed on the dish outside and the dvr to them. which i did. they are still calling saying that i never sent it back and that i owe them over 600$ even though i provided them with the tracking # provided by ups. “DO NOT DO BUSINESS W DISH NETWORK..INCOMPETENT AND DISHONEST COMPANY”. i am now a happy cable subscriber

  22. 22
    Cass Says:

    I just moved and wanted an additional room. Dish told me they cannot tell if I am eligible for an upgrade until I reactivate service. I said why waste your time installing and transferring if you can’t provide an additional room. Then they proceeded to tell me I could purchase an additional receiver and have it ready when the tech came. Why buy a receiver when I don’t know if I am eligible for a 3rd room. I mean come on why couldn’t I upgrade when all the promos are up to 4 rooms free. Seems easier to close the account and answer to a promo than to pay $299 for a receiver. Is this even lega?

  23. 23
    Joe Says:

    Hi, I am in the same predicament. I called and cancel my service before it was installed and was told that 49.99 would be credited back to my account in 7-10 days. It has been over 20 days and I have not received the money back. So I decided to call and I was told that the first CSR did not put the credit through but she will immediately. For some reason she did not sound sincere so I called back and I did not mention what the second person told me. Guest what the third, fourth, and fifth persons told me the samething the second person told me. So I asked the fifth person if there is anything on record showing that I spoke to 4 other persons ans she said no. I am starting to think that my 49.99 is doomed. BEWARE of Dish network.

  24. 24
    annette newton Says:

    hi, i have had dish for years i just reciently purchased a hd tv..so i called dish to take full advantage of my new prized possession. i was told because i am an existing customer it would cost me 85.99 a month plus 99.99 install fee..i asked about there deals i’ve seen they told me as an existing customer i dont qualify..WELL EXCUSE ME FOR BEING ONE OF THE CUSTOMERS WHO GOT DISH TO WHERE THEY ARE..SO SCREW ME..BY THE WAY I OWN MY DISH BOXES. THEY OFFERED ME A ONE TIME FEE OF 10.00 TO GIVE ONE UP..HOW GENEROUS OF THEM…IDIOTS!!!so i am taking my long time committed stupid self along with my money to direct tv……

  25. 25
    Cameron in Fayetteville, AR Says:

    I just experienced the new AT&T Dish Network for myself. Don’t do it! After speaking with an AT&T rep, I decided to get Dish installed @ my home. The first thing you should realize is that AT&T only CONTRACTS with Dish for your services. After scheduling my installation for a Saturday between 12-5 I waited, waited, and waited.
    I called Dish using the 800# that they provided in the voicemail that they left on my cell # the night before. First they said “We don’t have a record of your scheduled installation”, then “You didn’t provided a working number, so the installer couldn’t get directions”. What? I rescheduled installation (foolish) for a Monday. Another now show. When I called AT&T Dish “customer service” to complain, my call was disconnected. I called back and spoke with a rep, who placed me on hold. He then returned to our call and told me that I had not scheduled installation properly.
    To shorten this story, Dish network ended my call by saying “You will get your installation fee refunded in 3-5 days. Goodbye”.
    Don’t buy into AT&T Dish Network. You will regret it.

  26. 26
    Bill Maguire Says:

    I signed 18 month contract for Dish TV a year ago on a 31.99 per month online promotion through AOL. I was supposed to get 60 channels but got 50. I called and got assurance from a Dish represenatative that my bill may increase a few dollars per year but no more than that. Dish wasted no time raising my rates. My first bill was $2 higher than I agreed on. I called and Dish claimed to have no record of the promotion form I filled out.The monthly increases were steady. A year later I was being billed $45.83 per month.Dish TV customer service was completely unresponsive and had several different stories for my ever increasing monthly charges. There is a $125 termination fee which I don’t feel I should have to pay.

  27. 27
    E. Balas Says:

    Dishnetwork abruptly discontinued one of its Greek international channels without notification to the customer. In calling customer service, to find out about a refund/credit, I was given 3 different answers by 3 customer services representatives, including the supervisor. It took over an hour of time and I still have no idea if I was given accurate information. I heard that Dish is going under. Can this be verified?

  28. 28
    Eugene Panov Says:

    Dish Network is PATHETIC.
    We had one Russian Channel (ORT) and some additional lame channels for $15 because thats the lowest number of channels I have to have in order to get Russian TV.
    Damn bastards. They cut off my ORT channel and when I called they said they are sorry and instead will be giving me some lame Ukrainian channel.
    WTF. It took me an hour to cancel with the bastards. They said I can keep my dish but they need the receiver. I said I don’t care.
    Bastards came to my apartment and took the receiver. Screw them.
    I called DirecTV and got the best deal. Lovely lady offered me 100 channels for $30 and ORT for $15.
    I pay ~50 bucks for 101 channels. And I mean GOOD channels. ESPN, ESPN2.. I love that.
    Service is great, Customer Support is amazing.
    Don’t sign with the bastards, they are fags and will not let you out so simple.
    DirecTV = Simple installation, two receivers and quality programming. Thank you.
    And bastards are gay. Poor devils..

  29. 29
    Byron Clements Says:

    My mother lives in Ga and had trouble with here local cable channels, due to an accident with the cable company. She could not receive her local channels, which she was use to enjoying. Her phone company, Alltel (Windstream), was offering the services of Dish Network. Dish was offering the local channels, so we signed her up.
    Now, with out notice, they have turned off one of her local channels, her favorite one of course. Then she reads in the paper that Dish Network is in a law suit about the local channels.
    Our problem is that sustomer service is not helpful or carring about the situation. They were helpful when we signed up, because they were putting money in the bank. The Alltel (Windtream) customer service is GREAT and have tried to help us with, but Dish customer service and manager have there script and can’t read anything else into it, plain and simple.

  30. 30
    Terri Says:

    I just cancelled service with Dish Network. I’ve had their service for 7 years and finally had it. I should have done it years ago, but figured every company had customer service issues at some time. The final straw…one of my leased receivers started having problems. After 2 months and numerous calls, every other day it took 5 to 10 minutes to pick up channels. Finally, a technician told me that if the problem came back (like after 2 months it would actually go away) to call and Dish would send out a technician. The catch was (as I found out when I called the next day) it would cost $95 to have a technician come out and no they wouldn’t just send me a new receiver because I didn’t have a warranty (on a leased receiver???).

    No, that wasn’t going to work. I told the rep that I would cancel my service before I paid $95 when their equipment I was paying to lease was faulty. The solution offered was that I start paying an additional $5.99 a month and they could send someone out for $29.99. Uhhhh…no.

    A week later I call to cancel because now I’ve made arrangements to get DirectTV and miracles of miracles, “Since I’ve been a faithful customer for 6 years they can send someone out for free”…not $95, not $29.99 and $5.99. I tell the supreme rep, no thanks I’ll pay DirectTV for awhile and give them a chance to provide reasonable customer service. Besides they’re giving me a free DVR (after the rebate…which is free to me). Would you believe it…now Dish will upgrade me to a DVR too!!!

    Now I’m just disgusted and frankly ANGRY. Last week all I wanted was a receiver that worked and couldn’t get that even with Dish knowing that I’d been an excellent paying customer for 6 years. YUCK!!! I don’t want to do business with this company.

    To add insult to injury, I asked them to come get their dish off my roof and they said, “Sure, that will cost $99.” So, I say okay…if you don’t want it. But no, they want something off the dish and tell me that if I don’t return it with the receiver they’ll charge my credit card on record.

    All I can say…no one could be worse than Dish. I can’t wait to hear that they’re going out of business. If any company deserves to they do.

  31. 31
    Shenny Says:

    OMG! I thought I was the only one experiencing these problems with Dish! Their customer service is so unhelpful and have no knowledge at all. I’ve cancelled my service since June and I jsut got another bill today! And I can’t even get a supervisor to talk to me! I’ve been given several excuses such as, “This is an inbound call center and I can’t transfer you to a supervisor.” Or my favorite is, “I can’t transfer your call to a supervisor because I’m busy…I’m in the middle of something.” Then when I hang up and call back they hang up on me.

    I just called about the new bill and was disconnected after a silent hold of 22 min!
    I had my credit card co reverse the unauthorized charges from them after cancellation and they allowed the credit to go through telling American Express that they apologized for inconvenience they caused us. And of course today they bill I just opened says I owe them because my credit card charge did not go through…yes I know that morons…I reversed it!!!

    Then when I got the address to mail the reciever and remote they gave me a wrong address and the package had to be re-routed! I think they do stuff like this on purpose so they could charge my debit card for the equipment! I still have that refund to get back!

    I would never get service with them again! The only reason I signed up was because VOOM was moving most of the HD channels there after they went out of business!

    I work in customer service and if I did what that company does…I wouldn’t have a job!

    They need to have a class action lawsuit filed against them for things like this! Seems like that’s the only way companies will respond these days!!! Some type of action needs to be taken in order for big companies like this to realize that their loyal customers got them to where they are today!!!

    PS-Just got hung up A-G-A-I-N! Should I send an email and wait for repsonse? Still waiting for email response from August!!!

  32. 32
    Sathya Says:

    Dish Network Customer Service SUCKS. They need SS # and Credit Card number to make any changes to the initial order we placed. Their process sucks they do not train their call center agents and none of their agents know how to talk to the customers and have no idea of their products.

  33. 33
    Blayne Says:

    Same thing happened to me. On the 5th call I threatened to call the Better Business Bureau, and the $49 credit showed up on my credit card statement about 10 days later. They just count on people not doing anything about it.

  34. 34
    Caryn Says:

    Nickel–thanks for your “rant”!! It’s helped me SO much!! I called Dish Network the other day to TRY to get service hooked up to my house, and needless to say NOBODY has shown up yet! Anyway, they were SUPPOSED to come out on the 22nd, and they NEVER did! I waited from 12-5 like they said, yet NOBODY even bothered to call and give me a reason! I FINALLY had to call them, and after an HOUR, I got to talk with the guy who was supposed to hook me up. He gave me the bull—t reason that his truck got scratched on his way over a small bridge by my house, and that he’d have to get somebody else (with a smaller truck)to come hook me up!!!!!!!!! This guy is SUPPOSED to come out on the 24th (again sometime between 12 and 5). I’m beginning to wonder if it’s worth it! And they’ve already charged my credit card the $49.99 “set up/installation” fee! If they don’t come out tomorrow, I’m just gonna tell ‘em to forget it and credit the $49.99 back to my card!!

  35. 35
    nickel Says:

    Caryn: Be prepared to do a chargeback on your credit card — you may not be able to get them to issue the credit (at least not in a timely manner) if you change your mind and decide not to go through with the installation.

  36. 36
    christine Says:

    I have had problems from the moment they came to install. First the guy was here for like 12 hours, I thought he was going to spend the night!! The next day the signal was lost had to send and recieve 3 seperate recievers, still didn’t work. Didn’t finally get things working till 2 months later. You were supposed to get a free surround sound system w/contract never got it. Free movies channels for the first 3 months, seeing as how we had no service for 2 of the 3 they gave me some lame credit on the bill. Have had to call many times since then for lost signal they usually fix it over the phone, well last night I called and the CSR tried one thing to fix and told me the reciever was bad that I need a service call the receiver is bad,(all the while carrying on a conversation in the backround with another worker about when she was going on break). So I say ok send someone she tells me I need a credit card to pay for the service call before she can schedule it. I told her I pay every month for a warranty why do I have to pay. Informed me if I didnt have the insurance I would be paying 4xs as much, I said yeah ok whatever, gave her my credit card # and scheduled. Said the tech would come between 12-5 three days later. Told her I work 2 minutes from my house can they call me when they are on their way so I can meet them because I cant take a whole day off work waiting for them to come. Her response was not all tech’s carry phones so NO. Anyway, after I hung up I played around with the TV for like 3 minutes changing the transponder and satelitte numbers and guess what it came back on. Called back and asked for supervisor and told him I believe this could of been taken care of over the phone that the CSR was just trying to go on break so she just scheduled a service call rather than dealing with me. His response it is not fixed that all I did was TRICK the receiver I was like WHAT???? He said you may get a few channels but you will not have most. Well its the next day and I am still getting every single channel. So now I have to call them and cancel the service call and probably fight and argue to get my $29 back they charged my card. I have 3 months left on my contract and cant wait to cancel. If you dont have dish DONT GET IT.

  37. 37
    Steve Says:

    I want to start by saying I’m not the type to complain by writing in to companies or at a restaurant about my food. I don’t do that. But I feel compelled at this time because I’m so frustrated.

    I believe my issue is finally taken care of now, but it really is besides the point.

    I was originally a Dish Network customer back in 2002 and 2003. I then switched to Direct TV until I recently switched back to Dish Network in November of 2006.

    I was told I would get a $50 credit on my first bill to reimburse me for the installation fee. When I got my bill, this credit wasn’t there. I immediately called customer service and reached someone who barely spoke English. The only thing he would tell me is the credit wasn’t applicable because I was technically not a “new” customer because I was a customer 4 years ago.

    I ended up getting so frustrated, trying to reason with him, that I told him I want to cancel. He transferred me to an actual American woman who promptly apologized and said she would give me the $50 credit, which would appear on my next bill. She also said she’d make a note of our conversation so that if it for some reason didn’t show up on the bill, there would still be record of it.

    My next bill came, and still no credit. I called back and got another barely-speaking-English man on the phone. He told me the same thing as the first one and said, “sorry sir, there’s nothing we can do”, and supposedly there was no note in the system from the last time I had talked to the other girl. I hung up, furious, and found a different number on the website to call.

    I got through fairly quickly and lo and behold, it was another American woman. I explained the whole story to her and she said I’d need to go through the 3rd party I bought the Dish through. I told her again about the note that SHOULD have been on my account and that this was already supposed to have been done. She said she didn’t have authorization and would need to talk to her “coach”.

    She did that and came back a few minutes later and said they would take care of the issue by crediting my NEXT bill the $50. So we’ll see if it actually happens this time.

    The point of all this? Yes, Dish Network has saved some “hard dollars” on customer service by outsourcing it overseas. But what dollar value can you put on making and keeping your customer happy?!? I would say, as the Mastercard Advertise goes….”priceless”.

    I’ve been telling everyone that I know this story and highly recommending that they DON’T switch to Dish Network because the customer service is TERRIBLE. I dread every time I have to call.

    If it wasn’t such a HUGE inconvenience, I would switch back to Direct TV, who I have had nothing but GOOD customer service from. But eventually, I’m sure that’s what is going to happen.


  38. 38
    L Says:

    DishNetwork has the worst possible customer service of any company I have ever had to deal with. I have 20 clients, who I have all suggested DN to, and who have fulltime subscriptions. That means that by the power of my suggestion I help DN earn over $10,000 a year, not including the installation fees and yet they still treat me like I am a inconvenience to them. DN service is shotty and therefore creates a ton of problems and they never want to be responsible for the solution. I have been transfer over 8 times in one call because no one can answer a simple question. Where to you report such idiocracy but here?

  39. 39
    Debbie Says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I thought I was all alone in this situation! It’s been like reading my own story here! It’s too bad we can’t get one giant lawsuit going! It’s a crime that Dish Network is getting away with parting people from their money, and no one seems to be able to do anything about it.

    Again, thank you for sharing all of your stories. It’s helped me tremendously to know I’m not the only one!

  40. 40
    matt Niezgoda Says:

    Got screwed by both direct Tv and Dish and don’t have the option of regular cable. Dish wouldn’t upgrade my old equip after 8 yrs of loyalty and not one late bill yet they can give some bastard w/ no credit history entire 4 rm deal for 49.00. Got pissed and switched didn’t want to but had to make a stand. I live in Western ny and wanted my Sabres games which are played on msg I was assured by dish they would be on the 60 channel offer. I said it doesn’t show it on pamplet I assure you sir you’ll get it Now after paying the extra 15 or something bucks enough for one friggin channel I use out of the extra 40 or so I get. I have my sabres game. The real pisser is now I get mail every other week by direct tv offering me all the upgrades to comeback. I was livid I called and got a supervisor and chewed his ass for 20 min I said i get one more mailer come to my house asking me to comeback after i had to sign an 18 month contract w/ dish fecal material will hit the rotating fan. Stupidity of the whole deal is they would have made money anyway cause I was going to upgrade to dvr etc Bigger the corp the more they try to sqaush who makes them big no such thing as customer loyalty sad state of affairs in America its not just the satellite industry its everywhere don’t even get me going on oil profits after the last year of gouging us americans Hows that for a rant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. 41
    Howard Luken Says:

    How does one get satisfaction from a Company like Echostar and Dish Network? I cancelled service because it sucked. They made me wait for a UPS box to send back their dish parts, which they make the customer take down off the roof and I UPS’d it back and have the tracking number as proof. I had paid off the last month and thought everything was done. After several weeks they illegally debited almost $100 from my account long after having cancelled service for the dish parts they can’t find. Then I began receiving BILLING for service I didn’t have for months, eventually the billing added up to $500 FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS for nonexistant service. This after dozens of calls to their offshore “customer service” probably located in New Delhi INDIA… I was finally able to convince someone in Calcutta to refund my money and saw a $100 refund and another $300 plus refund for my grief they put me through. I though how wonderful, a company that actually gives money to its dissatisfied customers. Instead after several more calls and several more billings demanding the now $500 from me that I didn’t owe I found the number for Echostar in Colorado. They had me on the phone on hold for a while and then came back saying the refunds were incorrect and they had given me back over $500 which of course they hadn’t. After a while longer on hold they demanded I give them back the second refund of the $300 plus. I said stop sending me billing demands for service I don’t have and stop demanding I return refunds they sent me, correct or incorrect. A multibillion dollar company wants me to refund them after all this grief? Don’t think so. So what happens? I get a collections letter from the CBE Group demanding $349.61 that I don’t owe them, Dish Network or Echostar or they will send it to the credit agencies. INCREDIBLE. I tried to sue in small claims here in Los Angeles and was told it has to be a local mailing address for service. They have you over a barrel as to how to sue them without hiring a lawyer or suing in Colorado. Does anyone have a local California mailing address for Dish Network? I am suing regardless, just on principle since they’ve done this to me.
    Howard Luken

  42. 42
    John Smith Says:

    FYI have u ever heard of Win back a part of dish customer service that is there just to satisfy the customer.. They will bend over backwards for you if u ever have a problem they are the ones to talk to and no the csr does not like to tell u about them…

  43. 43
    Patricia Says:

    I had Dish Network installed in August of 2005. At the time of installation, I had been with Comcast in Spokane, Washington. I got lured by Dish Network thinking that the fees would be less and I would be getting “More”. As soon as I changed providers, Comcast came out with their DVR and In Demand. Well, I was stuck in a contract for 1 year. I spoke to Dish when I ordered about the connections that I wanted and found out later that those connections were not made for the other rooms pending hooking up additional TV’s. I was also told that I could add the DVR later at no extra charge other than the monthly fee for the equipment. I contacted Dish several times about getting a DVR and was informed that it would cost me $99.00 for an installation. I was so used to going to the local Comcast office and returning/picking up equipment that I could remove/install that I asked if they could just mail the DVR and that I could install it myself and save the $99.00.
    That was not an option. In October, 2006, I again was speaking to a rep at Dish regarding an offer for new subscribers which gave you the DVR for free and again was refused. I asked when my 1 year contract ended and was informed that I had completed my 1 yr in August. I told them that I would be going back to Comcast due to their tactics in dealing with customers. I then had Comcast Cable installed on October 7, 2006. While the installer for Comcast was at my home, I called and cancelled my service with DishNetwork. I was informed that they would be sending me a box to return my receiver in. About a week or two later I receive a sugary call from Dish Network regarding my cancellation. They thought that I would be displeased with Comcast Cable and wanted to give me a free installation of the DVR and wire up all rooms with no charge. I informed them that I had been asking for this before when I was on their service and was denied. Well, they said, we are going to keep this offer open to you for a few months just in case you change your mind and want to come back. I told them that they should have offered this to me when I was still on their service and that I was happy with Comcast and would not be coming back and to send me the box to return the receiver in. Got several more calls for the same offer and again asked that they send me the return box. In December I called them and they told me the offer was still available to return to them. I asked about the “Offer” again and paid my account of $54.61 (Bal Due in Oct.) and told them that I use the Comcast feature “On Demand” and that they do not offer this and I would not be returniing to their svc and to please, please send me the return equipt. box. I then get billed for service from October to January and $199.00 for equipment that I returned in December. When I spoke with a representative @ Dish, I was informed that I requested to account to be kept active and agreed to a $10.00 a month fee for this privilege. No way, I am on Soc. Sec. Disability and sure, I am going to opt for $10.00 a month for their convenience to try to get me back. I have spoken with reps and supervisors at Dish and they are unrelenting, arrogant and rude to me re this matter. I am sending this matter to Washington State Attorney General’s Office, Better Business Bureau and see if I can get a local TV Consumer Advocate to look into this matter for me. Be forewarned Dish subscribers, be adamant for cancellation and Comcast informed me that you can give your equipment to them and they will ship it back to Dish for you.
    Good Luck to you (and me).

    PS: If anyone knows of a class action suit, please contact me @ patriciaadair@comcast.net


  44. 44
    jim Says:

    by far the worst cable company i ever had. i have had dish for over a year now, b/c i’m forced to b/c its the only service i’m allowed in my building. consistly have error messages on my screen if i try to flip through five channels and consistly have error screen for the first 2 minutes after i turn tv on. called and they blamed in on my wife and i not turn box off at night, which we do. the one time they agreed to send someone out we had to stay home on a friday b/c he didn’t want to have to travel from new jersey to connecticut to service us. and now i find out they don’t think they are going to have the mlb baseball package this year….THE WORST COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH!!!!…can’t wait to move into our home later on this year and get DirecTV

  45. 45
    Shawn Says:

    I am a contract installer for Dish, first let me say that you are right, customer service at Dish sucks, BUT, perhaps you got a bad retailer, I do not know; I work for a retailer here in the SF bay area; and it is a requirement that we give a copy of all documents, EVERYTHING. ALSO, each installer has a business card and a sticker with his/her own cell phone, the office number, and the work orders all have this information printed on them as well. This paperwork is a legal contract, you have right to it and you should demand a copy, also there is a spot on there for comments, write down or have the installer do it, any concerns or requirements that you have; a good retailer can be your best friend here, first for one year that retailer “owns” that job, if you open a “trouble call” (not service call), they will send the last installer (company) back out and they will not get paid for it (they do not want this ((the installation company)), plus they get dinged for how many trouble calls they have, talk to a manager at that company, if they do not offer their phone number ask them for it, and let them know that you will call them directly, so that the trouble call doesn’t get reported to Dish (most appreciate this)this effectively makes Dish Network a local company.

    I am sorry that you are not in the SF Bay area, your problem is an easy one and could be fixed in 15-min or less. Good Luck

  46. 46
    Gary Says:

    I’ve been a dish cus. for approx. 10 years.
    never really had too much of a problem with them until I got a new HD Tv. They wanted me to pay
    part of the new rec. update. I told them as a long long dish suscriber I felt they should be able to give me the same deal as a new suscriber. They wouldn’t do it so I switched to Directv. guess what,… they called me back the day directv was hooking up my new system to give me that better deal. guess what,… I told them where the could stick their dish!

  47. 47
    jason Says:

    I find it rather ironic that all these bashing of Dish Network is on a page trying to sell Direct Tv.
    For what it is worth I install both systems and both do have flaws but for the most part and as far as customers complaints Direct TV is much worse but I bet this e-mail doesn’t make it on the site………

  48. 48
    nickel Says:

    Actually, I had forgotten that the DirecTV ads were even up there. The only reason I had them here was to try and punish Dish for sucking so much. That being said, I’m not sure these ads have ever converted, so I’m going to go ahead and take them down.

  49. 49
    nickel Says:

    There… Feel better?

  50. 50
    Dish or DIRECTV Says:

    I sell both Dish Network and DIRECTV. My Dish sales out number my DIRECTV sales by 10-1. Dish is a better run company when you compare management, Dish has a much better HD DVR and more HD channels. Other than than, they are about the same.

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