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RSS Feed Problems

Written by Nickel - 7 Comments

Just a quick note to say that I’m having issues with my RSS feed right now. I’ve been unable to make any modifications to it through the Feedburner interface pretty much all day today, and now I’m not even sure they’re picking up the feed. If you’re reading this via RSS, do me a favor and leave a comment so I know that it’s getting syndicated. More to follow…

Update: Solved. This was 100% Dreamhost’s fault. Feedburner was just an innocent bystander.

Published on January 5th, 2007
Modified on January 6th, 2007 - 7 Comments
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7 Responses to “RSS Feed Problems”

  1. 1
    TMT Says:

    I was getting an error for your feed in my reader earlier, but this message seems to have come through fine.

  2. 2
    Daniel Sweet Says:

    Coming through loud and clear!


  3. 3
    john smith Says:

    Works for me!

  4. 4
    Kim Says:

    Got it but a day late (on Bloglines).

  5. 5
    Single Ma Says:

    Works for me, but like Kim above, it’s a day late. Also, in Bloglines, there’s a red [!] next to your name. When I click on it, it says:

    “Bloglines has encountered an error trying to fetch the latest version of this feed. Bloglines handles errors automatically, no action is required by you. The error was:

    The feed does not appear to exist. This can be caused by the feed URL being incorrect, or it can be caused by a configuration issue with the server hosting the feed. If this error continues, you should check the feed URL and, if it is wrong, subscribe to the correct URL.”

    But I can see this one and your HSBC post just fine.

  6. 6
    nickel Says:

    Thanks everyone. I think everything has been solved. For some reason, Dreamhost (my web host) was blocking Feedburner. But just on my server… Go figure. Things should be back to normal, though.

  7. 7
    Blaine Moore Says:

    I’m also late, I was out of town for the weekend and am just now catching up.

    The feeds work fine now (and I see you’ve gone to full text! Whoo hoo!)

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