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Zurich Direct Class Action Settlement Finally Arrived

Written by Nickel - 5 Comments

Remember that Zurich Direct class action lawsuit that I first told you about back in July? Since we chose to do nothing response to original notice, we remained a member of the ‘class’ and were thus entitled to a share of the $7,145,007.25 settlement.

Well, our settlement checks finally arrived. They were actually dated December 15th, and I’m amazed that they found their way to us since they were sent to an old address that we haven’t lived at since 2002. Care to guess how much we got? Our share was a whopping $2.52 — and they split it across two checks. Woohoo! Early retirement here we come!

Published on January 19th, 2007 - 5 Comments
Filed under: Insurance

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5 Responses to “Zurich Direct Class Action Settlement Finally Arrived”

  1. 1
    Joe Newell Says:

    If you need to track how you spend that $2.52, I have developed a FREE, online budget tracking application.
    You can track your budget regardless of payment method (cash, credit, check, etc).
    Check it out at: http://www.checkthebudget.com


  2. 2
    Special Ed Says:

    I received a class-action letter about the title company I used when I bought my house. It said I would be entitled to a discount coupon to use with the same company that is supposed to have cheated everyone. What a deal! I bet the lawyers won’t be getting any coupons.

  3. 3
    makingourway Says:

    Although you didn’t make much money, just imagine how much the attornies made!

  4. 4
    Lois Says:

    Well I have yet to see anything,I’ve got NOTHING out of it as of Feb.13, 2010.
    Lucky you!!!

  5. 5
    littledixie Says:

    Well it’s May 2011 and I yet to recieve anything. I guess I can’t retire. Maybe I’ll hear something or Nothing.

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