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Dish Network, You STILL Suck

Written by Nickel - 88 Comments

I’ve had my share of troubles with Dish Network customer service in the past, but this just about takes the cake… This past month, our bill was a bit higher than normal. When I investigated, I discovered that we were charged $3.99 for a pay-per-view movie that we never ordered. No, $3.99 isn’t a huge deal. But after all the trouble that they’ve given us, I’m not willing to pay them a penny more than absolutely necessary.

Because their phone service is atrocious and has extensive hold times, I decided to contact them via their website late last week. Within the prescribed 24-48 hours, I received a canned response that basically said “tough luck.” Here’s the text of their response:

Thank you for your e-mail. Please understand all pay-per-view (PPV) movies are non-refundable once ordered. Our technical specialists have done exhaustive troubleshooting on tuners that were reported to have ordered pay-per-view events independently and have found it is not possible for a tuner to do so. The system requires that you confirm your purchase two times before the order will process.

The process to order a PPV includes:

1) Tuning to an event from the guide or channel itself.

2) Pressing the “Select” button go to the order screen.

3) Pressing the “Select” button again to order the PPV.

4) Pressing the right arrow button to highlight “Yes.”

5) Pressing the “Select” button to confirm the order.

6) Pressing the “Select” button to run the phone test.

7) Finally, pressing the “Select” button again to acknowledge the test results.

We regret that it is not possible to make the credit, as you have requested. If you are unaware of how these movies were ordered on your system, you may choose to either lock out your system’s pay-per-view feature (menu, 5, 3) or call us at 1-800-333-3474 to have a supervisor permanently disable your pay-per-view. Both options will prevent pay-per-views from being ordered on your system in the future without your prior explicit approval.

We thank you for allowing us to be of assistance to you. If you have any further questions or concerns, please refer to www.dishnetwork.com or reply to this email.

In short, they claim that it’s impossible for their system to make an error of this nature, and they further argued that ordering a PPV movie is so complex that it would be impossible to do so accidentally. The only useful information contained within their boilerplate response is an outline of how to lock out PPV movies. The funny thing is, the movie in question was apparently ordered at 5AM on a Monday morning, at which time nobody in our house is awake.

I’ve responded letting them know that we’ve just about satisfied our original 18 month agreement (we’re seventeen months in) and that I can’t believe they’d risk running off a reliable customer in the interest of defending a $3.99 billing error. Whether or not the PPV movie is technically refundable, they have it within their power to make billing adjustments. They’ve just chosen not to. I’m sure that the CSR that reads my response won’t care, but I’m sick of dealing with dumbass CSRs on the phone. Next stop, a phone call to EchoStar corporate headquarters — this is seemingly the only way to get any satisfaction from them.

Dish Network, your customer service STILL sucks and we won’t miss you in the least.

As an amusing aside, I encourage you to run a quick Google search for: Dish network customer service

(Here, I did it for you.)

Notice what comes up as the #2 hit, immediately after their official customer service page? ;)

Published on November 20th, 2007 - 88 Comments
Filed under: Customer Service

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88 Responses to “Dish Network, You STILL Suck”

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  1. 1
    Josh Says:

    What idiots. I went with directv a couple years ago and will never go back. I just don’t subscribe to TV anymore. It’s a waste of money.

  2. 2
    FinanceIsPersonal.com Says:

    I’ve been using the same cable company for about a decade now, great high-speed internet and lots of cable channels to choose from, it’s about $80 a month for both of those. It’s ot the cheapest thing in the world, but it’s great service.

  3. 3
    Mrs. Micah Says:

    Congrats on your search placement. :D

    It’s strange how companies will go to great lengths to woo new customers but not to small ones to retain them. Sad, really.

  4. 4
    nickel Says:

    FIP: We love a bit out in the country, and thus can’t get cable in our area (though oddly enough we can get DSL).

  5. 5
    Dylan Says:

    Perhaps try forwarding the email response along with a brief explanation to your state’s Department of Consumers Affairs complaint division. They may contact Dish or forward your request to the appropriate authority to investigate. If the way Dish has handled this with their canned response is not up to your state’s standards, Dish may choose to issue the refund rather than answer a formal inquiry. Just a thought.

  6. 6
    Ernesto Says:

    Umm, sorry I meant to tell you I watched a pay-per-view at your house last time you were out. My bad :0

  7. 7
    Vilmo Says:

    Sorry to hear about your troubles but be careful what you wish for. If you think Dish Network customer service is bad, try dealing with Comcast for a while. And you get to pay more with them too.

  8. 8
    Rick Says:

    Regarding Vilmo’s comment, that’s the problem with monopolies and oligopolies. There’s no real competition, and thus there’s no real motivation for these companies to improve service. They have terrible service and sky-high prices simply because they can get away with it.

    Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do about it except keep complaining to the government officials in charge.

  9. 9
    Mark Says:

    We got DirecTV a few months ago and it is GREAT. Customer service is always rated among the best of ALL businesses. Sounds like you are making the switch. Good for you.

  10. 10
    Scott Says:

    We’ve been Dish customers for years and are generally happy with it. While we haven’t had any problems like nickel has had, this e-mail surprises me.

    In our old house, we were watching TV one day when all of a sudden our channels started changing. After some troubleshooting and a call to customer service, we found that a neighbor of ours had Dish installed that day, and our UHF remotes were sharing the same frequency, and they were changing our channels. So, hell yes, it’s absolutely possible for someone outside of your house to order a movie on their system and it could order it on yours at the same time. The fact that it happened at 5am could mean that during daylight hours, there is sufficient wireless activity around your house to block this signal from your neighbor. But at 5am, when things are relatively quiet, it managed to get through.

    Pure guessing on my part, but I’d be surprised if this is the first time this has happened.

  11. 11
    SingleGuyMoney Says:

    Yeah, by the way the email is worded, the are basically saying you are a big liar and you are not getting your money back. I dropped them a few years back due to poor customer service.

  12. 12
    Madison Says:

    Whatever happened to “the customer is always right?” We have DirecTV but it’s only because they were the first here to pick up the Big Ten Network.

  13. 13
    mbhunter Says:

    I can hear the boardroom discussions: “First, we set up the surveillance cams. Then, we start The Nickel Channel. All Nickel, all the time.”

  14. 14
    T-bone Says:

    I ditched DishNetwork years ago for DirectTv for a similar nonsensical customer service issue. It was like they didn’t even care that I left but then tried to offer me the world to stay when it finally went through.

    I went to DirecTV and they weren’t much better so I ditched Satellite for digital cable (IO with the whole triple pack) and while it’s nice it’s overpriced and their service is almost as bad…

    You can’t win.

  15. 15
    PC Says:

    After three consecutive months of billing errors from Time Warner cable, I forwarded copies of all the correspondence to my credit card company and started disputing individual amounts. To my surprise, the credit card company refunded the entire months bill (not just the amount in dispute); given TWs lack of response, the CC simply made the refund permanent.
    Nickel : is this billed to a credit card ? Try the same tastic.

  16. 16
    vh Says:


    Are you locked in to some sort of pernicious contract that keeps you with this obscene outfit? Put the Dish in the dishwasher, turn the machine to “Sanitize,” and switch to some other provider that will treat you decently.

    If you’re stuck with the SOBs, complain to the FTC, the local and federal attorney generals, the Better Business Bureau, and every other regulatory agency you can think of. They’ve violated your contract by cheating you, and so you should be able to exit stage left.

  17. 17
    T-R-A Says:

    After having Direct TV for 6 yrs. now, I can’t imagine that I’d ever switch. With the troubles my brother & sister had with Dish, it was an obvious choice. And coupled with the other discounts through AT&T/BellSouth, that makes it a no-brainer for someone who lives out of the reach of cable. If you’re having this much trouble, just switch next month…

  18. 18
    Jean Says:

    I just came here from Consumerist, some of the commentators over there gave you a real hard time and it wasn’t fair. I’ve been screwed in supposedly “impossible” situations before as well.

    This one is of a different sort but here’s but one of my consumer horror stories…
    My cellular provider about 8 years ago nailed me with double roam charges when a few family members kept calling me while I was away on a trip. They also nailed me with additional long distance charges and thoguh my bill showed it was all entirely their mistake – they expected me to pay and even threatened me with a collection agency if I didn’t pay up. I’d been the utmost of polite up until this point but that was the last straw. I put the phone and all its gadgets back in the box and took it to the kiosk nearest my home. I smiled politely at the girl who said “We don’t take returns here” and I said “Oh? How tragic..” as I shoved it across the counter, paperwork included and just walked off. I never heard another thing from them…

    Stick to your guns bud. Some companies will screw you any way they can. $3.99 here and there adds up after a while. I wonder how many folks they’ve done this to that didn’t complain or fuss?

  19. 19
    greg Says:

    i just read your message i wish i had seen it before i got my dish network now i have 2 tvs that are in need of repair and a service that dont work right and im only 6 months into my contract and dish network wont even return my calls anymore

  20. 20
    Denise Says:

    I just sent in a complaint to BBB about dish network. They keep taking money out of my bank account without my authorization and telling me they wont refund me. Long story but they have the worst customer service. Very unwilling to help you. Plus I asked to speak with a manager and they said it would be a two hour wait. Do they have that many people complaining? haha

  21. 21
    kaiacat Says:

    I thought was the only guy out there that was having trouble with the dish network company. I have been lied to, over billed and have not received what is in their contract. If you count the number of channels on the channel directory for the top 100 you come up with 75. and that’s only a small part of there lie-ing to the public. There has to be a place we can send this information to someone that will do something about it. I dought the government will help as Bush is probable being paid by them, and half the senate and congress.

  22. 22
    Katie Says:

    DISHNETWORK BLOWS!! They have lost me as a customer as of today. I was supposed to get it installed on 12/31 — long story short, I have now called them 5 times, and been promised a call-back within 24-48 hours and told “I will personally follow up on this” twice, and still haven’t heard from them. I am currently looking for a physical mailing address for Charles Ergen, DishNetwork CEO. I will be sending him a written complaint. Who knows if it’ll do anything, but it’ll make me feel better. Eat it, Dish!!

  23. 23
    Kimberley G Says:

    On March 12,2008, I contacted Dish Network regarding an update sent via satellite that crashed my HD receiver. For three days, we waited for the update to complete and it never did. So on March 12, I called customer service to report the interruption in service. I was told because it was a software error, they would send out a replacement unit within a week. I thanked them and went on with life. Here we are on April 9, 2008 and we still do not have a replacement! My husband I have called three more times to find out where the unit was. We were given a multitude of answers and apologies but still not unit! We are customers in good standing (no late payments and we have been customers for several years and referred people to their service) and this is how valued customers are treated! My last phone call resulted my promise to them that I would contact the all channels possible to express my extreme disapproval of this treatment. The customer service department explained that the fulfillment department was not getting back to them and that they handle sending out the receivers. Do not tell me a corporation of this size cannot overnight a receiver for a customer, especially since this was their programming error not user error that caused this situation. We have kept our tone professional and thankful for their help. This has not worked. This leads me to believe that vulgarity and screaming may have gotten our receiver sent to us in a timely fashion. I am writing to warn everyone of Dish Networks poor customer service / fulfillment department and recommend that they use digital cable or another satellite carrier. We will be.

  24. 24
    Tom Says:

    I hate Dish Network they have been screwing me since the day I had it installed. I now am thinking I have enough to just cancell my contract and send the crap dish and equipment back to them. I would advise anyone thinking of going with them to rethink. They suck suck suck. I have been way over charged for what the ad said and they continue to try to get more from me.

  25. 25
    Kevin Says:

    My brother works for Dish. He told me absolutely DO NOT get Dish Network. His exact words: “Dish customer service sucks.”

  26. 26
    Melodie Says:

    We to have been ripped of by Dish network. They would not fix the problems that began the day of installation and caused our phone to not work and the internet to go only intermittently. The service was a bundle through Frontier and after 6 months of complaints to both Frontier and Dish with no resolution we canceled our bundle and were promised no termination fees would apply. We attempted to return the equipment but it was refused in person, we called the 800 number they never sent labels to return it, we contacted them online and were refered back to the 800 number. So after months of trying we gave up. We should be charging them rent for being forced to keep it. Last week Dish accessed our daughter’s account and so far has taken out $620 and were attempting to take out more so she had to close her bank account and is now trying to deal with bounced check fees and returned items. There was no bill ever sent, no communication what so ever by Dish they just took her money. So far we have contacted the FCC, Attorney General, BBB, ripoff report and this attorney listed below, I also found out today I should contact the FTC and lodge a complaint with them. I am passing this on to anyone else that has been ripped off by Dish in case anyone is interested in contacting this attorney.
    We have been ripped off over $620 in the past week for service we terminated in Jan 2008. Prior to that we put up with horrible service from Dish and Frontier both and could not use our phone or internet, had lousy reception. It was all caused by the Dish HD receiver. We paid $920 for that lousy service before giving up on getting it fixed. We were never refunded the extra $140 we paid to frontier for this lousy service. We attempted to return the equipment in person and by phone they would not allow us to return it and demanded we wait on ups labels that have never been sent. Then Dish arbitrarily accesses my daughter’s account and takes out $620 last week. All termination fees were to be waived due to the service being so bad and the signal was turned off in January – this I have in writing. Now they claim we have received service for three months and owe termination fees, late fees, equipment fees. The bank account had to be closed yesterday to stop them from taking any more money out of the account because they were still demanding to be paid more. I have already lodged complaints with the FCC, Attorney General, BBB, and the ripoff report. In my research of the over 200,000 complaints about Dish Network online I found this information and have just faxed my info to them. I thought I would pass this on for others that have been ripped off.

    Carpetz Law Firm
    5000 Birch Street, West Tower Suite 2500
    Newport Beach, California 92660-2139
    Telephone: 949-724-3000 800-351-8588
    Fax: 949-757-2635 URL: http://www.capretz.com URL: http://www.capretzlawfirm.com


    We are currently investigating claims against EchoStar and its Dish Network satellite cable provider for possible violation of state and/or federal laws. If you or someone you know currently subscribe or have subscribed in the past to the Dish Network, you and those similarly situated could be entitled to monetary damages. Please contact us or call our toll-free number (800) 351-8588 for a free, no-obligation consultation with an attorney.

  27. 27
    meredith Says:

    I’ve had my share of troubles with Dish, too, mostly for restarting out of the blue and problems with ordering pay per view. By and large, i’m happy, tho. Keep your eye at ripoff report, cuz they’ll have the latest on what Dish’s response is to all their complainst.

  28. 28
    David Says:

    I had Dish Network back from 2000 to 2002 and had to cancel because I moved to an apt. I bought a house in 2006 and decided to sign up again in March of 2007 because my first time with them was fine. Oh my has their service declined, if there was one cloud in the sky the service would go out and I had at least three service cut outs per week. I cancelled them and switched to Directv in December of 2007 and service is fine, customer service although not great, is lightyears better that Dish. There have been countless times I was on hold with Dish for over 30 minutes before talking to some dude or dudette in India who could barely speak English. Dish nickled and dimed me to death, they didn’t even install the dish correctly and then charged me $30 for the re-point. They charged me $5 a month for not having a phone line, by the way Directv does not charge me for not having a phone line. Plus Dish doesn’t have MLB Extra Innings! Directv is a far superior product. When I got Directv HD I needed only one dish while with Dish Network I needed two. I hope Dish goes out of business, THEY ARE HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. 29
    Rob Says:

    Dish receiver continues to disconnect. So far three repairmen have come out to the house in the past week,. and shortly after they leave it ceases service again. Everytime I call I get the run around from their customer service and I keep explaining the problem. They have changed antenna, changed plugs, changed cables but continues to shut off and keeps making attempts to reboot, but doesn’t,
    I certainly don’t recommend them at this point.

  30. 30
    Dave Says:

    dishnetworks sucks for dropping Voom HD!!!!! We canceled due to no more voom HD.!

  31. 31
    Wes Says:

    Dish/Embarq is my only television/DSL option where I live. Its OK; called to upgrade to new HD. Was told it would cost $125 and upgrade could be done in two days (Friday afternoon). Cool, took Friday off work, and, you guessed it, NO SHOW. Checked credit card only, and been billed for $175(!) and was told that the service upgrade was scheduled for SUNDAY afternoon. Like, right. I told them to refund and cancel; they were very arrogant unitl I told them I was going to chargeback their overcharge. Unbelieveably incompetent, unbelievable uncaring, couldn’t give a damn I lost a half day of work for their mistake.

  32. 32
    Robert Bullard Says:

    I signed on Dish Network in Jan 08 and have hardly had a 30 day period without some sort of problem. But the last month has been a nightmare. The Dish Technician initially chose the location of the satelite dish. I was not receiving any channels from satelite 129 (most of HD channels) so after many tries to get a field tech there the representative thought the dish should be moved 3′ to the east. A new hole was dug and a new pole was set but that did not resolve the inability to get satelite 129. The field tech ordered a new 722 receiver and after a week it arrived. It was installed and it was never able to attain the 129 signal. In fact 12 hours later the reciver failed completely. I made a call to have another field representative to asses what was needed now. Unknown to me a call was made to the automated site at 1:00 a.m. the morning that the techinician was supposed to have come and said there was a need for the field trip. I did not learn of this until 3 hours after the tech was supoosed to have arrived. I changed the account phone number and rescheduled. Again I was told later that I had called in and canceled the service call. I was furious and asked to speak to a supervisor. They stated that the best thing to do was set another appointment. After much grumbling on my part I again changed the account phone number to one of my cell phones. I was also allowed to setup a password that only the system and I would know. The 3rd attempt again was shortstopped by someone saying that they were me and calling in masking my phone number. The next supervisor told me that a password is not required cancel a field call. Has anyone else had any similar problems? I paid for the equipment up front, I have never had such a terrible service and now I feel as if some hacker may have my personal information.

  33. 33
    james Says:

    Congratulations dish net work you have managed to loose another customer due to your poor company ethics , poor customer service o and THEFT , Yes you heard me correct they pulled $400.00 out of my checking with out my permission
    luckily we are not dirt poor as this may have been a real big problem . Any way our receiver is acting up so we call dish net work and they send a service tech and he is on time. So tells me the receiver is bad replaces it and takes the old one with him a month goes by and there is a $400.00 charge on my checking account after some research i find out that dish net work did not receive the receiver that the tech took with him . So i call them up wait on hold for 30 min and get passed on 2 , 3 different operators explaining the situation to each finally they tell me i will have a refund processed to my dish net work account and it takes a few days and i should call back on Monday . So i call back and wouldn’t you know the whole process starts over and again they tell me i will have my money back in in a week . well next week has came and went and no money in fact now i only get back $350.00 seams there accounting department noticed i had not payed my bill so they took it on them self to pay them self . ((I have been a loyal customer for over 3 years always paying my bill on time .))
    Now i Am pissed but i keep my cool over the phone on hold again 40min 2 operators and 1 manager if you want to call him that . Any way manager puts me on hold for another 17 min and thats when i threw in the tall So i hung up called back and asked for there cancellation department they picked up right away and this operator had the best attitude of them all I was offered $20.00 off my bill for 6 months to keep my account open and a month free . And you know what i did? I still canceled my account and it felt grate . O and i should have the remainder of my back in a week….. http://www.dishnetwork.com/cus.....fault.aspx

  34. 34
    Steve S. Says:

    I have had similar experiences with Dish Network and will relate this story.
    I’ve had Dish Network service for some time now that I got through AT&T. I have found out that getting Dish service this way results in a subpar account. I’m not able to setup an online account and have the advantages that other Dish Network customers have.
    Also, Dish’s no-refund policy concerning PPV is so messed up that many customers won’t use it. The PPV activity is uploaded every night. In that case, Dish Network should know if a customer navigated OFF of a PPV movie due to finding out the movie was not enjoyed as expected. I could see having the no-refund policy IF Dish Network provided a way to PREVIEW the movie before purchasing but this it not the case. Since there is no way of previewing the movie and the system knows the customer navigated off of a movie within only a few minutes, this means Dish Network uses the no-refund policy as a way of ripping off the customer as a means of increasing revenue.
    This is not fair business practice. This is why customers choose to either lock out Pay Per View OR discontinue service with Dish Network. Maybe some day Dish Network will wake up and realize that in order to be competitive in today’s changing marketplace, they will have to become more customer-oriented.

  35. 35
    Ollie Jefferson Says:

    I have been a Dish Network customer for only 2 weeks and I need to tell other people about the lousy service that I have encounter with Dish Network. First of all when the salesman call and ask me about switching from Directv to Dish Network he told me that I would qualify for a lot of free upgrades and I agrees to switch because even though I had been a loyal customer at Directv they were not willing to give me any free upgrades. Since I have been with Dish Network I have called at least 6 times because of LOUSY reception they will walk me through the problem and then I lose my signal again even on bright and sunny days. I am so FRUSTRATED with their service that I called them to cancel my service. The salesman told me that I could cancel at any time if I wasn’t completely satisfied with Dish Network but keep in mind that I would have to pay $10.00 a month for every month that was remaining on my contract. Here is the CRAZY part at no time was I told about a third party that would have to be paid also. Something should be done about the deceptive ,coniving and down right fraudlent way Dish Network is doing business and getting away with it. I have a satellite system that clearly is not working but we are STUCK with it because I don’t want it but can’t afford to pay the third party $600.00 to cancel. The salesman knew when he signed me up that I should have been made aware of the third billing party he intended to mislead me by not mentioned the third party. But get this when I first called Dish Network I was told that if the salesman didn’t write it on my account the day he signed me up that and at the time she was talking to me she said that it was not on my account but when I called back to ask about where do I return their equipment then I was told that in addition to paying Dish Network $240.00 I now had to pay (I SATELLITE) a fee of $600.00 and if I decided to cancelled Dish Network . DishNetwork business practices are very deceptive.They should be held accountable to someone about the way they treat people. I am going to write whomever I have to and tell everyone I know about their misleading tactics. Have they heard that good news travel but bad news (SERVICE) travel faster.

  36. 36
    jose amram Says:

    Dish network is a rip off, even worse than direct tv! i went with them in order to consolidate by tv, phone and internet bill all under one contract, also as they gave us a DVR and said we would get a free upgrade to HD receiver box when we upgraded our tv.

    Now the fu__rs want $150 for the HD box as well as $10/month for the HD channels! I am very tempted to pay the penalty for discontinuing the service, for $130, and get a pair of HD rabbit ears and live with 3 channels. The wife will have to decide but I have had it with these assholes.

  37. 37
    chuck Says:

    On the ppv subject. both dish and directv have a no ppv refund policy.

  38. 38
    sharonlcowan Says:

    Don’t Do It!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT GET DISH NETWORK!!! I can’t believe that anyone can get away with what they are doing! I had been happy for years with just an antenna and a couple of channels, then seeing one of their flyers for the cheap package deal that would include phone, internet and dish, and needing internet, it sounded like a great deal. The guy was just swell on the phone when we called. He promised us free upgrades for 3 mo. and so on and so forth and the guy was suppose to come hook it up the folowing saturday, stayed home all day, no one came and no one called, called them, set it up again, wait another week, no one called, no one came, did this FIVE times, took SIX WEEKS to get the service, if you could call it that. All that ever happened is some fool came and hooked the dish up to the side of the house, down quite low where it was in danger of being hit by the neighbor’s car. That was it. No one ever came to hook up the phone line. Then their were problems with the inter-net service. They promised to send technicians who never came. I have a metal roof so that I don’t have to shovel the roof in heavy snow, but wouldn’t you know, the stupid place they put the dish was situated so that when the snow slid off in a sheet, it broke the dish. That should not matter anymore as we paid the huge fee to cancel their service. Now it is like they are imbedded in my tv. I have to go to all this trouble just to get the use of my television back. I just bought another antenna!! When we got our package, we were told we would have soooooo many channels, but the largest majority of them were shopping network channels, talk about cutting a fat hog in the … they get paid by you and they get paid by advertisers, so you pay them to show you the f……advertiser’s product. Wow, paying to watch advertising???? If we were wanting to watch actual television, we were told that we would have to upgrade! MORE MONEY OF COURSE!!! It does not seem to be relevant to them whether or not you are actually receiving service, just as long as you are receiving their bill for it.

  39. 39
    Josh Says:

    I had a similar issue with a PPV “Event” ($49.99 WWE grabage) Talked to 2operators (one hung up on me) and 3 different managers all gave the same answer. Then I called back and talked to Tech Suppport and he adjusted it off the bill like nothing. Dont deal with cust service, talk to Tech Support he did it like it was nothing.

  40. 40
    Joe Dirt Says:

    Dish Network is so bad, when I called in to order it, the Customer Service Rep told me I was better off going with Direct TV. And he was right. Since I’ve had Direct TV my picture has been great, my bills have been manageable and ontime, and the customer service is always so friendly to me. I think it’s time to start giving credit where credit is due. Just one happy customer willing to say so. Two cheers for Direct TV.

  41. 41
    scott Says:

    After many days of negotiating with Dish network sales people, we settled on 72.00 a month. (I asked what the monthly would be after all incentives, packages etc.were over). I do not have a land line phone. (supposedley an extra $5.00 a month). No problem they said, we will waive that charge, still $72.00 a month. My last bill was $99.13. I called and they said this is what I had agreed on. Baloney. They will do anything to get you to agree to their service.
    I have cancelled my service and now have to deal with the cancellation fee, I will fight this the best I can. My advice: forget Dish Network. They are dishonest, and the only thing they give a damn about is your money in their coffers.

  42. 42
    portia Says:


  43. 43
    Lynda Says:

    I am a new customer to DishNetwork and I am having a problem registering/creating an account online. I spoke to Customer Service online and they can’t help me. I was previously with a cable company and when I called to cancel cable service they told me they would pay $200.00 of the $300.00 that I would be charged if I cancel before my 24 month contract.

  44. 44
    Furious w Dish Network right now Says:

    I just had the exact same thing happen to me! Our system pre-ordered pay per view sporting event (not scheduled to air for 6 days)…..for $29,95!!…AT 5:00 AM while everyone at our house was asleep!!!!

    I was told ppv cannot be cancelled or refunded. I am telling you that no one in our home was awake at 5am to order this!

    I know Nickel’s post is a few years old. But I just found it while searching for info on Dish Networks ppv cancelation policy.

  45. 45
    fconnerley Says:


  46. 46
    Jkesten Says:

    DISH NETWORK SUCKS!!! They are my only option since moving to my new apt. I was a loyal Direct TV customer for years and will switch back as soon as I can. I have had this crapola service for a month now and my HD DVR box craps out after maybe 10 mins of a signal every time I go to watch TV. The tech said that the problem was due to the box being in a cabinet and it was over heating. I moved the box to the top a a bar stool and the problem still persists. Thanks for the great help geniuses as I have yet to watch TV for more than 10 mins at a time. Verizon FIOS will be available on Aug 31. Can’t wait to throw the box a the Tech on Sept 1.

  47. 47
    swangner Says:

    Lord help us! We just got dish network a couple of weeks ago, and I’m SO not looking forward to having to deal with them. My husband has already had to sit on “eternal hold” to ask CS a question. $600 to have the service disconnected?? I’m thinking I need to research to see what my husband signed us up for!

  48. 48
    brian Says:

    Dish Network is so bad, when I called in to order it, the Customer Service Rep told me i would get Cinemax for a $.01 an i call an they tell me i have to use a card to pay my bill this sucks

  49. 49
    dlars Says:

    Dish Network advertised a $19.99 package for 100 plus channels… believe me this is bait and which at its best…. You sign up for one price… with a programming discount…. but… they nickel and dime you for receiver rental…. must have a cable or home phone… available… get real….

  50. 50
    spddemon01 Says:

    my name is demon, i am a dish network employee. i know you guys most likely don’t want to read what i have to write but you guys are being bliss. sure we have a promotion of 19.99. its classic bronze 100 no locals no dvr just a 2 room set up. if you read the fine print it tells you charges but you never want to read them. you see being print but fail to relize the truth. if you get a ppv at 5 am. doesn’t mean it was ordered at that time. it just means that it was an all day even that started at 5am and last all day till next 5 am. if you have installation probelms. call imediatelly and explain. if front line rep doesn’t do anything ask to speak to supervior. if superviosor doesn’t work out than say thank you hang up and call again. when asked by the “robot” ivr. say cancellation it would transfer you to loyalty department and they will help you through out the whole way and about being charged over 600 dollars cause its a rip off. bull!!! you signed a contract that allows up to charge any card on file for early termination or unreturned equipment. your daughter didn’t follow protocall. we also offer sending pre paid shipping labels to your email if boxes don’t show. you have all accessories. to let all you bliss people know. to cancell dish servivces its maximum 360 dollar plus current bill which is nothing over 500 dollars and thats with the everything pack. 360 fee for termination of a 24 month contract. if you have services for “years” your cancellation fee shouldn’t even be near 300 dollars unless you failed to return equipment in the 30 day gate way. you have more questions about why this or why that about dish. feel free to email me. its rag380@yahoo.com. i can tell you things you wish you could understand rather than being bliss. your choice!!!

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