Discover Credit Cards

Discover Card, long considered one of the most innovative credit card companies, offers several cards with both cash back programs and balance transfer deals, as well as a credit card designed for students.

If you're looking for a new credit card, it's likely that one of Discover's card options will meet your needs. Review the credit card offers from Discover Card that appear on this page to see the details.

Credit qualifications

Your first step in choosing a new credit card should be to check on your credit history. While you may think you know how you appear to credit card companies, you may be surprised to find a past mistake or other negative information lingering on your credit report. On the other hand, you may be surprised that your long history of on-time credit card payments has earned you a higher credit score than you thought. Once you know your credit score, you'll know whether you can qualify for the best credit cards.

Discover Card features

  • Balance transfer. If you have credit card debt that you'd like to retire, you may want to consider Discover. When you compare balance transfer offers, make sure you look for a credit card that offers competitive terms for the 0 percent financing period, the balance transfer fee and the annual fee. If you plan to make purchases with the credit card, check out the ongoing interest rate too.
  • 0 percent introductory rate. If you know you are about to make a big purchase or are planning a dream vacation, you may want to note Discover Card's 0 percent introductory purchase APR. You can pay 0 interest on purchases for six to fourteen months, allowing you the chance to pay off the balance without incurring any interest charges.
  • Cash back. Many credit card users today opt to charge their gas purchases, groceries and other everyday expenses on a credit card so they can earn rewards. Discover offers a cash back program that offers 5 percent cash back up to the quarterly cap in purchases in rotating categories like gas, online shopping and more, when you sign up for each program. And unlimited 1 percent cash back on all other purchases at over 8 million merchants nationwide.

Discover Card for students

If you're a student, you may find a credit card useful to make online purchases and buy books, gas and groceries. A student credit card can also be used to build your credit history with on-time payments and by staying under your credit limit.

Discover Card offers a card with 0 percent financing for up to six months on purchases. You may also earn cash back on purchases with a Discover student credit card.

If you think a Discover credit card may suit you, compare the Discover offers on this page to find your perfect match.

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