Broadband Internet Woes

This weekend I started the process of setting up the utilities at our new house. Thus far, almost everything but the highspeed internet has gone smoothly. When I scheduled the switchover for our phone service, however, I learned that DSL isn’t available at our new house. This admittedly caught me a bit off guard. While […]

Money Poll #10 (Checkbook Balancing) Results

Well, I was pleased to see that I’m not alone in my obsessive compulsive checkbook balancing tendencies… As it turns out, a bit over half of all respondents to my checkbook balancing poll are willing to hunt down even the smallest discrepancy. On the other end of the spectrum, nearly 30% of repondents don’t bother […]

FeedBurner Leaked my Sensitive Personal Information

As many of you know, I manage my RSS feed through FeedBurner. As you may or may not know, FeedBurner has recently developed a mechanism for monetizing RSS feeds by placing ads at the end of posts within your feed. This program is in the process of being rolled out, and participation is currently by […]

Best High Mileage Cars

Given all the recent news about high prices at the pump, there’s been a lot of talk about fuel efficient cars. While it’s pretty easy to pull up a list of the highest mileage cars on the market, it’s less straightforward to come up with a list of cars that live at the intersection of […]

Weekly Roundup – 05/05/06

Before I get rolling on this week’s roundup, I just wanted to remind y’all about the MoneyBlogNetwork Forums, which are fast becoming a treasure trove of information for personal finance bloggers of all shapes and sizes. Please stop by and check it out. Okay, that’s the end of the shameless plug, now back to your […]

The New ‘Forever’ Stamp

The US Postal Service is back at it again… Just a few months after raising stamp prices, their talking about doing it again. This time, however, there’s a twist… Yesterday, the USPS announced their desire to raise stamp prices by three cents next year, bringing a first class stamp to 42 cents. But these stamps […]

SunTrust vs. Bank of America Online Bill Pay Question

I’ve narrowed our choice of new banks after the move down to SunTrust and Bank of America, but now I need your help. One of the critical features that I’m looking for has to do with automating our online bill payments. Ever since we signed up with our currrent bank (US Bank), we’ve been able […]

Carnivals – Week of 05/01/06

FiveCentNickel took part in four Carnivals this week. Here they are, along with links to my posts that were included in each… The Carnival of the Capitalists, which is up at The Small Business Buzz, included “The Cost of Not Answering the Phone.” The Best of Me Symphony, which is up at The Owner’s Manual, […]

Kroger Gas Discount Comes to an End

I was grocery shopping at Kroger (KR) the other night when I noticed something interesting (and disappointing) at the bottom of my receipt… It seems that the gas discount for Kroger Plus Card holders is coming to an end on May 6th. If you’re not familiar with their discount program, you get a base discount […]

The Countdown Begins…

Assuming that all goes as planned, we have to be out of our house no later than one month from today, at this exact moment. Everything is currently on schedule, and looking good. We heard the other day that our mortgage was approved (we ended up going with the broker that we’ve worked with previously), […]