(In)Convenience Fees

Yesterday afternoon my wife went online and bought tickets for a (very) popular (somewhat) local attraction. She then forwarded the confirmation e-mail to me such that I could mark it on my calendar. While perusing the the details, I noticed something very irksome — a $5 ‘convenience fee’ for making the purchase online.

Home Depot Coupons on eBay (Followup)

Well, the Home Depot coupons that I bought on eBay last week just arrived a few days back. As it turns out, I’m a dolt…

Zurich Direct Life Insurance Class Action Lawsuit

My wife and I just received word today that Zurich Direct Life Insurance Company has recently settled a class action lawsuit, and we’re eligible for a piece of the settlement. Hurray! It’s our ticket to early retirement and life on easy street. Or is it?

Downtime Explanation

My apologies if you were unable to reach this site yesterday evening… It seems that Dreamhost was having some file server problems that took down a great many sites including both FiveCentNickel and Raising4Boys. And even after they had it back up and running, I was still unable to reach my sites for the remainder […]

Money Poll #16: Telecommunications Spending

After a monthlong break, it’s time for another Money Poll. The question of the week this time is: “How much do you spend on telecommunications each month?” When I ask this, I’m talking about your landline, cell phone, internet access, and cable/satellite TV before taxes. As usual, I’ll go first…

Dish Network Customer Service SUCKS

I wrote last month about a minor customer service snag that we ran into when we had our Dish Network service connected. The problem was that the installation fee ($49.99) was supposed to be credited back to us on our first bill, but it wasn’t. Well, this small problem has now turned into a huge […]

Weekly Roundup – 07/14/06

Here’s a quick look at articles from across the MoneyBlogNetwork and beyond that caught my eye over the past week.

One Year Ago This Week (July 9th – July 15th)

Here’s a quick look at some of my favorite posts from a year ago this week: • New Threats to Your Credit Score – A quick rundown of some new things that are finding their way onto credit reports. Ignoring these is a great way to damage your credit. • Credit Fraud and Identity Theft […]

Five Ways to Hurt Your Credit Score

If you care at all about your credit score — and you should, because a low credit score can cost you big time — then you might be interested in checking out this list of five surefire ways to damage your credit.

New Emigrant Direct Website, Access Code

Update: Looks like Emigrant Direct is struggling to get back online. Update #2: Looks like Emigrant Direct is back up, at least for me. Click through to get my first initial impressions of their new interface. I just received an e-mail from Emigrant Direct stating that they’re rolling out a new site on July 24th, […]