Carnivals – Week of 08/21/06

FiveCentNickel participated in four carnivals this week. Here they are with links to my articles that were included in each. The Best of Me Symphony included “The Fine Art of Fixing a Leaky Toilet.” Also included was “Four Year Old (Mis)Behavior, Portrait Studios, and Pants-Dropping” from The Carnival of Personal Finance included “Accidental Death […]

Termite Control: Sentricon vs. Termidor

We live deep down in termite country, and it’s time to think about extending our termite contract. Our house had a clean bill of health when we bought it earlier this summer, but the initial five year termite contract is almost up. Thus, we’re currently considering our options. Right now we have two main alternatives… […]

Summer Electric Bill Pain

I’ve written in the past about working to reduce our electric bill. Given that we’ve only been in the house a coupe of months, I still don’t have a good feel for what to expect, but I do know that the previous owners had a year-round average of $165/month.

Dish Network Customer Service STILL Sucks

Back in mid-July I wrote about the fact that Dish Network customer service sucks. Well, here we are… Just over a month later and I’m not-so-pleased to report that their customer service still sucks. That’s right, we still haven’t received the rebate for our installation fee.

Spending Money to Save Money

This summer has been a pretty crazy one for us from a financial perspective, what with the move, a new job, the changeover in our banks, etc. To be honest, I often fell like I’m hanging t times, I feel like I’m hanging on for dear life. For the most part, however, we’ve managed to […]

One Year Ago This Week (August 13th – August 19th)

Here’s a quick look at some of my favorite posts from a year ago this week: • Piggybacking on Your Neighbor’s WiFi — A very popular post on whether or not it’s okay to access your neighbors’ WiFi connection. • How High do Gas Prices Have to Go? — Just me thinking aloud (and asking […]

Weekly Roundup – 08/18/06

Here’s a quick rundown of some posts that caught my eye over the past week…

Newspaper TWO, Craigslist Zero

Our craigslist experiment has come to an end. I reported the other day that, despite craigslist having a major headstart, we ended up selling our couch based on an ad in our local paper. And now this… After craigslist generated virtually no interest in our refrigerator, we ended up getting a number of inquiries from […]

Carnivals – Week of 08/14/06

FiveCentNickel participated in four carnivals this week. Here they are, along with links to my posts that were included in each. The Best of Me Symphony included “How Much Does a Million Dollars Weigh? (Revisited).” Also included was “Introducing the 401(kid)” from The Carnival of Personal Finance included “Are You Saving Enough for Retirement?.” […]

Accidental Death & Dismemberment: What’s the Point?

I’ve spent the last couple of days poring over my benefits options for my new job. Choose a health plan, decide on dental coverage, pick a retirement plan, opt for optional group life coverage, etc. That’s all well and good, but I couldn’t help but shake my head when I looked at the brochure for […]