Non-Electronic Online Bill Pay Question

Over the last couple of years, I’ve really embraced the idea of paying our bills online. Nowadays, you can pay just about anything online, and if the recipient can’t accept an electronic payment, most banks will simply print a check and mail it to them on your behalf. While I’ve never had problems with paying […]

Newspaper One, Craigslist Zero

The other day, I wrote about my first impressions as a new craigslist user. While we received a few genuine inquiries, nobody seemed all that serious, and nobody arranged to come see either the couch or the fridge. Thus, we decided to do two things to try and get things moving…

Choosing a Health Insurance Plan

Alright, I’ve let this slide far too long… It’s time to choose our health insurance plan. And when I say that it’s time, I really mean it… The paperwork is due tomorrow. My new employer offers three options when it comes to health insurance: (1) a traditional indemnity plan, (2) a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) […]

Home Depot Appliance Rebate Screwup

Man, I am such an idiot. We recently bought a new refrigerator at Home Depot and we were supposed to get a $100 gift card by mail-in-rebate as part of the deal. Since the clerk didn’t have any original rebate forms, he had to give me a photocopy. The only trouble was that he hadn’t […]

Solving Firefox Problems on Intel-Powered Macs

A bit off-topic here, but I recently got a shiny new 15″ MacBook Pro and my Firefox plugins have been driving me nuts… My workflow relies on the Shubert IT PDF Browser Plugin, and plain old browsing requires things like the Flash plugin. But following the migration from my old PowerBook G4 to my new […]

One Year Ago This Week (August 6th – August 12th)

Here’s a quick look at some of my favorite posts from a year ago this week: • How Flexible Spending Accounts SHOULD Work — Thoughts on the use-it-or-lose-it provision of FSAs and how I think they should work. • Unsolicited eBay Advice — A few tips on how to be successful on eBay. • Kids […]

Weekly Roundup – 08/11/06

Here’s a quick look at some of things that caught my eye over the past week…

Pre-Paid Legal Plans

I learned today that I’m eligible for a pre-paid legal plan through my employer. The plan, which is offered through ARAG Group (never heard of ’em), runs $13.95, and I think that I have to sign up for 12 months in order to get in on the deal (I still have to check on this). […]

Carnivals – Week of 08/07/06

FiveCentNickel participated in four carnivals this week. Here they are along with links to our articles that were included in each. The Best of Me Symphony included “Reducing our Electrical Usage.” Also included was “Braces for an Eight Year Old, Update #2” from The Carnival of Personal Finance included “Old Emigrant Direct Account Numbers […]

Craigslist First Impressions: Lots of Scammers

This past weekend I listed a couple of things for sale on craigslist — a refrigerator and a couch. Never having bought or sold anything on craigslist, I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. But so far I’ve been pleased. The signup process is quick and easy, and creating an ad is totally straightforward — […]