Treasury Securities: A Survey of What’s Available

I’ve recently gotten interest in the possibility of investing in Treasury securities. Thus, I thought I’d start compiling information on the topic as I learn more about them. What follows is a quick survey of what’s available when it comes to investing in Treasury securities. Keep in mind that the TreasuryDirect website is a great […]

Frugal Confession: I Cut My Own Hair

On the heels of my confession that we bring our own treats into the movie theater instead of buying them at the snackbar, I thought I’d throw out another one… I cut my own hair. And I’ve been doing it for at least ten years (I’ve lost track). It’s not like I have special skills […]

Roadmap for a Successful Relocation

This one has been a long time coming, but… I finally got around to creating a ‘roadmap’ of sorts for everything that we went through this past spring/summer as we prepared for our move, and then actually relocated. So… If you’re interested in learning more about what you can expect when moving, decisions that have […]

Money Poll #18: Credit Card Receipts

If you’ve read this site in the past, then you know that I’m pretty anal when it comes to keeping track of our finances. I use Quicken, and I balance it down to the penny. I’ve never adjusted the balance to fix a discrepancy. If things don’t add up, I find the problem. No matter […]

One Year Ago This Week (September 3rd – September 9th)

Here’s a quick look at some of my favorite posts from a year ago this past week: • Blocking eBay Bidders – A quick tip for keeping out the riff-raff when selling stuff on eBay. • Keep an Eye on Your Credit Card Rewards – An example of why you need to keep an eye […]

Weekly Roundup – 09/08/06

Here’s a quick look at some of the personal finance posts (and podcasts!) that caught my eye over the past week…

H&R Block Announces New Programs

According to a recent press release, H&R Block introduced plans to help customers open bank accounts to receive their refunds, cut the cost of refund loans, and also to expand educational programs. Here’s what they have to say about their new bank accounts, which are intended to assist customers that don’t have accounts of their […]

Frugal Confession: We Bring Our Own Candy to the Theater

I talked the other day about how much I prefer Netflix over the theater, at least from a financial perspective. That being said, we do indulge in trips to the movie theater every once in awhile. And what fun is a movie without snacks?

Buying Life Insurance (Again), Update #1

Just a quick update on our recent decision to buy new term life insurance policies… Within a day of applying (actually, within about twelve hours of applying — we did so at 11:30 PM), a rep from Intelliquote called us to veridy some information and to set up the portamedic appointment. We’re scheduled for the […]

Retirement Savings Options, Part II

I wrote yesterday about my options when it comes to choosing a retirement plan at my new job. I’m still leaning toward the defined contribution plan — in fact, I’ve all but made up my mind. This brings me to my next big decision…