How to Get an Employer Identification Number (EIN)

If you’re starting your own business, you might want to apply for an employer identification number (EIN). A few weeks ago, I did just that, and I thought I’d run through the process here for all to see.

Most Common Financial Resolutions

According to an article in the January 2007 issue of Money, these are the most common financial resolutions for 2007: 1. Saving more (32%) 2. Paying down debt (25%) 3. Making more income (15%) 4. Spending less (13%) 5. Investing more (10%) 6. Saving for a large purchase (4%) 7. Don’t know (1%) While resolutions […]

Renting a Post Office Box

Given that we’ve been going to the trouble of formalizing our online ventures as an actual business, I thought that I’d go the extra mile and document the various steps here. Since our goal is to separate our business and personal lives, it only makes sense to rent a Post Office box such that the […]

Money Poll #23: Super Bowl Prediction

I know, I know… The connection between the Super Bowl and personal finance is tenuous at best, but… The NFC and AFC Championship games are in the books, and we now know that it’ll be the Colts vs. the Bears playing for the whole enchilada down in Miami on February 4th. Since this is nominally […]

links for 2007-01-22

Programs Let Homes Produce Green Power This is pretty cool — get paid for generating power and feeding it back into the grid. (tags: energy) Five Millionaires Tell How They Did It “Keep your eye on your goal, take calculated risks, and enjoy what you’re doing.” (tags: finance wealth)

One Year Ago This Week (January 14th – January 20th)

Here’s a quick look at my favorite posts from one year ago this past week: » The World’s Most Affordable Alarm System » Avoid Costly Home Insurance Mistakes, Part 1 (Part 2) » Flexible Spending Accounts, Braces, and a Debit Card And this is what was happening over at Raising4Boys over the same period: » […]

Weekly Roundup – 01/19/07

Here’s a quick look at some of the articles that caught my eye over the past week:

Zurich Direct Class Action Settlement Finally Arrived

Remember that Zurich Direct class action lawsuit that I first told you about back in July? Since we chose to do nothing response to original notice, we remained a member of the ‘class’ and were thus entitled to a share of the $7, 145, 007.25 settlement. Well, our settlement checks finally arrived. They were actually […]

0% Balance Transfer Credit Card Arbitrage in Action

I just ran across an interesting post from Samerwriter. It seems that after seeing my post on 0% balance transfer credit card card offers, he applied for a couple of cards to take advantage of the ‘spread’ in interest rates — 0% on the credit card debt and a bit over 5% (less after taxes) […]

Current Debt Load Poll Results

Well, the results of the Money Poll on Current Debt Loads are in… Interestingly, 43% of all respondents reports have no outstanding debt whatsoever. Of course, this ignores mortgages, so it’s not quite as rosy as it sounds. Beyond this, there was a fairly even spread in terms of amounts owed. At the high end, […]