Save the Planet With a New Credit Card

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new reward credit card on the block. It’s called the GE Money Earth Rewards Mastercard*, and it offers a unique type of reward… Instead of giving you cash back, purchases made on this card accrue a 1% reward that goes toward buying carbon offsets. Actually, you can either […]

The Benefits of Switching to Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Did you know that, according to the Earth Policy Institute, if the United States shifted entirely from incandescent to compact fluorescent light bulbs, we could shut down 80 coal-fired (500 MW) power plants? And that if these changes were adopted worldwide, we’d be able to shut down 270 coal-fired power plants?

From the Archives (October 7th – October 13th)

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Weekly Roundup – Totally Unplugged Edition

I’m writing this in the back of an airport limo in the midst of a business trip. This past week I figured out how to “tether” my Treo 755p to my MacBook Pro, and so now I can get free internet access anywhere I can pick up a Sprint cell tower. Ah, the wonders of […]

Carnivals – Week of 10/08/07

FiveCentNickel participated in three carnivals this week. Here they are along with links to my articles that were included in each. The Carnival of Personal Finance included “Ten Tips for Dealing With a Lost Wallet.” The Best of Me Symphony included “How to Decide if Travelling to a Sales Tax Holiday is Worthwhile.” Also included […]

Sprint SERO Rebates Due

If you took advantage of the Sprint SERO deal back when I first wrote about it, I just wanted to let you know that the $100 handset rebates need to be mailed today (by October 11th) and the $75 Kellogg’s has to be postmarked by October 13th (Saturday). I just filled mine out and will […]

Making Sense of Tax Efficient Money Funds

Given the recent slide in interest rates, I’ve begun looking into tax-advantaged options for our cash holdings. We’re currently holding our cash in a combination of savings accounts (mainly HSBC Direct and our new Bank of America Money Market Account) and the Vanguard Prime Money Market Fund (VMMXX). For the sake of comparison, HSBC Direct […]

All About the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)

In digging for information on how to deal with a wayward debt collector, I ran across a good bit of information on the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Here’s a plain English rundown of the protections that the FDCPA affords if a creditor turns your account over to a third party debt collector… First off, […]

Called by a Collection Agency

Last night we returned home from a weekend away to a pair of phone messages asking me to call a certain phone number. One message was from a woman, the other was from a man. Both callers gave generic-sounding names, and they seemed to have an odd sense of urgency given that they didn’t leave […]

From the Archives (September 30th – October 6th)

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