Tipping Etiquette: How Much to Tip a Cab Driver?

Quick question… What’s the going rate for tipping cab drivers? I ask this because I recently had an odd interaction with a cab driver. I took a relatively short, very simple cab ride that resulted in a fare of just under $22. Since I only had $20 bills, I gave him two of them and […]

Stretching Your Savings in Retirement

I just wanted to point out an interesting comment that a reader named ‘cheepy‘ left in response to my article on saving for retirement at the last minute: How about moving to a developing country where a dollar can get you a lot further? Of course, the downside is that it is so far from […]

Help a Reader: CDs at a Defunct Bank

A reader named Tony wrote it with the following question: My grandmother found among her papers a certificate of deposit (CD) from 1984, with a 9.5%(!) interest rate. The bank, of course, is no longer around. Is there any way to find out how to claim this? What would you do? Short of trying to […]

Midweek Roundup – Winter Weather Edition

Here I sit in the dining room with my laptop. The weather forecast has been calling for freezing rain, and as I look out the window I can see it starting to fall. They’re predicting snow overnight, and it’s conceivable that the local schools will be closed tomorrow – we don’t get much snow around […]

Subscribing to the Consumer Reports Money Adviser

While perusing the Money Guy’s website last night, I ran across a recommendation for the Consumer Reports Money Adviser. I hadn’t ever heard of it, so I hopped on over to Amazon to take a look. Here’s their description: Consumer Reports Money Adviser 100% unbiased monthly financial newsletter. (No advertising, No commercial ties.) Easy-to-read articles, […]

Yet Another Reason Credit Cards are Better Than Debit Cards

Here’s a cautionary tale for those of you that prefer debit cards over credit cards… Earlier this week, someone at Dreamhost accidentally typed the wrong year into their billing software. The end result was a wave of inadvertent overbilling to the tune of more than $7.5 million. Not only did this error annoy the vast […]

Credit Monitoring and Free Credit Reports via TrueCredit

Awhile back, I noted that we had received a mysterious collections call, and later learned that we had been inadvertently sent to collections by our local Urgent Care facility. Unfortunately, I had used up my free annual credit reports when I first got the call, so when we later learned what was going on, I […]

Saving for Retirement at the Last Minute

I just ran across an article by Mindy Fetterman in USA Today that talks about the effects of procrastination when saving for retirement. She starts out by presenting the same sorts of numbers that we’ve all seen a million times before: “If you’re 20 years old and you save $100 a month in an investment […]

Things That are Totally Worth the Money

With all of the talk about saving money and planning for the future, I wanted to spend a bit of time talking about things that are totally worth the money that I’ve spent on them. Of course, there are a great many things of this sort, so I’ll just throw out a quick list of […]

Weekly Roundup – Pneumonia Edition

Over the weekend, two of our kids were diagnosed with pneumonia, with another falling just short with bronchitis. Fun. While we’re getting better, check out these articles from across the web…