How to Save Money on Prescription Drugs

I recently ran across on article on saving money when you buy prescription drugs by Dr. Edward Jardini, author of How to Save on Prescription Drugs: Twenty Cost-Saving Methods. There are a number of good tips, so I thought I’d recap them here along with some thoughts of my own (as well as a bonus […]

What’s Your Oldest Credit Card?

Over the weekend I received an e-mail from a reader asking about the effects of closing an old credit card on your credit score. The short answer is that the length of your credit history is an key factor in determining your credit score, so closing old accounts can hurt your credit score. Anyway, all […]

How to Sell Your Stuff on eBay

If you ask around for quick ways to raise cash, one of the most common answers that you’ll get is to sell your stuff. When it comes to selling second-hand stuff, eBay is King. But how do you get started? What follows is a list of fifteen tips for selling your stuff on eBay. Save […]

The Best of August 2008

August was a great month here at FiveCentNickel, thanks in large part to contributions from readers such as yourself. I just wanted to take a moment to thank those of you who stop by and comment. If you like what you see here, keep in mind that you can have the full-text of everything that […]

Weekend Roundup – Labor Day Edition

I’m not sure about you, but we had a great Labor Day weekend. We went to a college football game, had breakfast out as a family, spent an afternoon at the pool, and got a bunch of errands out of the way. And now… It’s time for a roundup.

From the Archives (August 24th – August 30th)

Those that have been reading this site for awhile know that I used to highlight articles from the archives on a fairly regular basis. Unfortunately, I’ve fallen out of the habit of doing so over the past few months. With new readers finding this site on a daily basis, I’ve decided that I should probably […]