Don’t Take a Vacation From Your Budget

My wife and I spent the first eleven days of this month enjoying our debt free vacation. Although we didn’t exceed our budgeted vacation spending, we found that the unstructured life of vacation could easily spill over into our every day financial lives when we got back home. Vacation spending When on vacation, it’s common […]

AmEx Premier Rewards Gold Card 25k Signup Bonus

Editor’s Note: Thank you for your interest, this offer expired and is no longer available. It’s back! American Express offered a 25k point signup bonus in the past, but not for a while. I recently received word, however, that they’ve revised this promo with a spend requirement, offering a 25, 000 Membership Rewards® point Welcome […]

Buying Life Insurance: One Company or Two?

A reader named Sandra recently wrote in with a question about buying life insurance. Here’s what she asked: I have a life insurance question. I am looking for life insurance for my husband and me. I understand everything about how to purchase it and ways to choose which is best for you, but I have […]

Planning Your Dream Wedding on a Budget

Wedding Season Approaching! My in-laws had a wedding last summer that was absolutely beautiful, and it didn’t break the bank. It didn’t happen by accident, though, as it took some planning on their part. Everyone there had a great time and I think they did a fantastic job organizing it. Now that the peak wedding […]

Tax Deferred vs. Roth Retirement Contributions

If given the choice, should you make traditional (i.e., tax-deductible) or Roth retirement contributions? This has been a hot question in financial planning circles ever since Roth plans were created in 1997. For the sake of simplicity, I’m going to restrict today’s discussion to IRAs, but it’s applicable to any retirement vehicle with a tax-deferred […]

Low Interest Credit Cards

This post continues our series describing features of the best credit card offers in specific categories. So far we’ve taken a look at PenFed credit cards, Chase credit cards, Citibank credit cards, and Top 8 Balance Transfers. Today we’re happy to bring you information about the best low interest credit cards. A great low interest […]

Should You Roll Over Your 401(k)?

There once was a time when people worked the same job their entire life and retired with a pension. Now? Not so much. Instead, most people work multiple jobs during their lifetime, and their retirement is funded by money accrued in their 401(k). So… When you switch jobs, what should your old 401(k)? Don’t cash […]

How Much Money Do You Need to Retire?

Over the past several months, JD over at GetRichSlowly has been running a poll that asked the following question: If you were 65 and retiring today, how much do you think you would need? Interestingly, 42% of respondents said they’d need over $1M, and 27% said they’d need more than $2M. At the other end […]

Thoughts on Lending Money

I’m willing to bet that most of you have either loaned money to friends and family, or have been asked to do so. How did the experience pan out for you? Were you able to maintain a sound relationship with that person, or did it suffer because of the money? Over the years, I have […]

Are You at Risk of Identity Theft?

Are you at risk for identity theft? As it turns out, a company called ID Analytics has created a website called where they perform a statistical analysis of your “basic identity elements” to assign you an ID Score. This score supposedly reflects your risk of falling victim to identity theft. I actually first heard […]