How to Run Quicken 2007 After Upgrading to Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion)

At the risk of beating a dead horse, I have a bit more info on the Quicken/Mac OS X Lion debacle… According to MacRumors, OS X Lion will allow you to run multiple copies of OS X in virtual machines on a single computer. This means that you should be able to update to Lion […]

Life Expectancy, Retirement, and Your Investment Time Horizon

In thinking about how much money you need for retirement, you need to consider both your age at retirement and how long you can reasonably expect to live. The earlier you retire or the longer you expect to live, the more you’ll need to ensure a comfortable retirement, so… Just how long do you expect […]

Six Ways to Save Money on Your Garden

When most people plant a garden, visions of cornucopia overflowing with luscious vegetables fill their heads. They imagine feeding nutritious, delicious meals straight from the garden to their eager families. Skip the produce department at the supermarket, Honey, this summer we’re eating homegrown! Yeah, right. The truth is a home garden rarely yields tasty, inexpensive […]

PSA: Export Your Quicken 2007 Data Before Upgrading to Mac OS X Lion

I’ve talked in the past about the fact that the release of Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) will mark the end of Quicken compatibility on the Mac platform. In the absence of a workable solution from Intuit, your options will be to stick with OS X 10.6, switch to Quicken Essentials for Mac (no thanks!), […]

Why Does Everybody Hate Dollar Coins?

According to a recent report from NPR, the Federal Reserve has $1B worth of dollar coins just sitting around. The production of these coins stems from a 2005 Congressional mandate to produce a new series of coins honoring past Presidents. Unfortunately, the general public doesn’t seem to like them and very few people are using […]