A Quick Citi Update

Editor’s Note: This offer expired and is no longer available.

I posted previously about the good experiences that I’ve had with CitiBank, but neglected to mention one nice feature of their reward cards. Once the promotional offers of 5% off of everything run out, a number of their cards continue to offer 5% off of gas, groceries and drugstore purchases (like the Dividend Platinum card that I mentioned in my previous entry). What I failed to mention was that all purchases at our local Super Wal-Mart (the kind with a grocery store built in) are treated as a grocery purchase.

This is equally true if you are buying groceries, fishing tackle, or a lawn mower. On top of this, you can earn 5% off on store gift cards, which can then be used at Sam’s Club. Since Sam’s Club doesn’t accept Visa or MasterCard (except at the pump) this is a great way to earn rewards when you shop at Sam’s. Note that regular Wal-Marts don’t seem to qualify for the 5% treatment, and I’ve heard that not all Super Wal-Marts are coded in the Citi system as being grocery stores. But if you have one around, it’s definitely worth checking out.

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