Gift Card Poll Results

Wow. The Gift Card Poll has come to a conclusion and an amazing 77% of all respondents received gift cards for the holidays this year. Wow. And not even 20% of these gift card recipients have spent them out so far… Let’s get cracking, people! Don’t let the marketing geniuses that created the gift card fad pull one over on you! Spend those gift cards before: (1) you lose them, (2) the dormancy/inactivity fees kick in, and/or (3) they expire. Click here for the full poll results, or to register your vote.

4 Responses to “Gift Card Poll Results”

  1. Anonymous

    Of all the gift cards I received, Borders is the worse of all. Trying to spend it via the computer is a joke. It appears that Borders has so designed its program only to make it rough on the card holder to spend the money. If you can prove otherwise I will apologize.

  2. Anonymous

    FWIW, I hadn’t used all of mine when I answered the poll, but I have now. The time right after xmas is generally a period of reduced general spending, so it takes a while. (Plus, with my fiancee around and all, I don’t get as much time at home for reading as I used to, so those Borders gift cards generally end up going for books that’ll sit on the “I’m gonna read it someday…really, I will” list for a while. 🙂 )

  3. Anonymous

    Don’t neglect the fact that there are men (and women) sitting at the tops of huge office buildings around the country wondering when you’re going to spend your gift card, too!

    You see, with new accounting rules in place, they can’t recognize the revenue from the gift card until it is spent.

    Yes, they have your money, but it has to sit in a “Don’t Touch” account until you actually use the card.

    Maybe we should not use ’em for awhile and make ’em sweat…


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