Credit Card Bonus Offers: $1300 Worth of Deals!

Check it out… $1300 worth of credit cards offers!

It’s been awhile since I’ve put together a list of credit card signup bonuses, so I thought I’d spend a little time compiling the best offers for best rewards credit cards for 2013 out there. While some of these cards have an annual fee, all are free for at least the first year. Note: given changes in offers, the total amount has dropped considerably below $1, 300. If you see any new offers appear, please list them in the comments.

Now, without further ado, here are the offers…

Chase Freedom

Signup bonus: $100 through this offer
When: After $500 in purchases w/in first 3 months from account opening
Annual fee: None
Benefits: 5% cash back on up to $1, 500 spent in rotating categories like gas stations; select department stores and more. Categories rotate every quarter and you need to activate the categories each quarter to earn at the 5% cash back level.

16 Responses to “Credit Card Bonus Offers: $1300 Worth of Deals!”

  1. Anonymous

    Great article. Signing up to a credit card that offers bonuses is a great way to save and make money. I live in the UK and we have the Santander 123 Credit card which pays cashback on your shopping, you also get cashback on mortgage payments and much more. Unfortunately some of these offers are not available to people on benefits which is a shame. There have been countless times when I have tried to apply for a credit card while on benefits and got nowhere because of my status. I explained that I had income coming in the form of welfare benefits and dividend payments but they still refused which is a shame. Apologies for the rant, needed to get that off my chest.

  2. Anonymous

    NOT BONUS money! I carried over $100,000 of credit card debt for one year while the money was in a C.D. and when the C.D. matured I cashed in for over $4000.00. However because a few of the cards were at a low rate of 1.9% most of them were 0%. I only profitted $3000.00 Those days are over though. The banks got smart and attached a 3% fee to all balance transfers. Now I just go for the bonuses. To date in 2011, I have accumulated about $6000.00 in bonuses using my wife card and mine and also business cards in each of our names. There are some really really good offers out there, especially if you own a business and can use a card to pay for you bills or inventory with. I have so many points built up on the spg card and the marriot card I doubt I’ll use them even by next year. I’ll have to force myself to go on vacation just so I use the points before the annual fee is due. This is a hoot.

    good luck, Joe

  3. Anonymous

    Joe I’ve been taking advantage of credit card bonuses for a few years also, I avoid the balance transfer offers because of the 3% fee. the days of getting 4% on a C.D. You’re right the credit score only takes a temporary hit.

    You mean you got $1000.00 in bonus money

  4. Anonymous

    I’ve been doing this for years.. right now I have about $750.00 worth of dining cards waiting to be used. U gotta love it. Sure it bumps your rating down a bit but it always comes back up in a few months . Several years ago when they were offering the balance transfers at 0 % interest with no fees for 12 to 18 months at a time, I used my wife and my name to get over $100,000 worth of money. I put it in C.D.’s paying 4.25 % and made about $3000.00.. Always making the paymwents on time and watching it very carefully. It’s a hobby of mine.

  5. qdjune

    Winwin: thanks for your clarification…the offer has been updated.

    Dinesh: it depends on how you plan to use the card. You should try to avoid carrying a balance in which case you could go for a no annual fee rewards card which allows you to earn points or cash back on purchases you’d otherwise make anyway. You can see the list of best credit card offers here.

  6. Anonymous

    A clarification on the Citi Forward card with the 6K + 5K signup bonus: the enrolling link shows that the bonus is after $250 in purchases within the first 3 months, NOT $50 as listed on this site (still love this site though 🙂 ).

    If anyone sees anything different, please post. Thx!

  7. Anonymous

    Nickel, one more quick question, what would be my best bet for a new credit card with no annual fee, (I’ve no credit history as yet), kindly advice. Thanks for your anticipated response.

  8. Nickel

    Joe: I just tried to reply by e-mail, but the message was returned as undeliverable. In short, you should qualify as long as you can get approved for all of the cards. Your best bet is to apply for them all in rapid succession, and to do so online as opposed to talking to a rep.

  9. Anonymous

    Can I get 1 $100 gift card form Starwood Business, and a 2nd $100 gift card for the regular Starwood cad?

    Also can i get 1 $50 card for Amex Preferred Rewards Green Card and then get a $50 card for the Business Green Rewards Card from American Express.

    A rep said no, but has anyone got actual experience?

  10. Anonymous

    I fear that the Discover Business $100 bonus offer may be no more. I applied and got approved, but the rep didn’t know anything about the bonus. Also, I don’t see it mentioned anywhere on Discover’s site. Just a warning. Let’s hope I’m mistaken, otherwise I’ll have a useless card…

  11. Anonymous

    Looks like a lot of the major issuers are moving towards higher purchase requirements, where you’ll only receive the bonus after $600 or $1000 in purchases.

    It makes it a little more difficult to take advantage of multiple offers, as you really have to plan to spend that amount of money, unless you can spend that much on the cards through bill payments and necessities alone, but that’s still difficult if you’re trying to take advantage of 3 or 4 cash bonus offers at once.

    I guess too many people were getting the cards, making a $0.50 purchase to get the bonus, and then never using the cards again, so they hope to get you into a spending pattern.

    They’re still great offers though, but it’s probably only reasonable to apply for 1 or 2, unless you just feel like going spend-crazy on your credit cards.

    Thanks for the information, Max

  12. Anonymous

    Thanks for that list but yikes! I already feel like I have too many credit cards. I’m with Ron @TheWisdomJournal. I’ll pass this time, but will keep it in mind once we get our stupid debt paid off.

    Hopefully there’ll be even better deals by then (of course, we may also all be driving flying cars and have robot maids by then 😉

  13. Anonymous

    i already have the starwood prefered business card and got the amazon goft card. am i able to get the regular starwood prefered card too and get another amazon card?

  14. Anonymous

    I’m on a credit card diet right now so I’ll pass, but dang! That’s a lot of cash!

    It must have taken a while to write this post with all those pics! Wow! 😀

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