Sprint SERO Rebates Due

If you took advantage of the Sprint SERO deal back when I first wrote about it, I just wanted to let you know that the $100 handset rebates need to be mailed today (by October 11th) and the $75 Kellogg’s has to be postmarked by October 13th (Saturday). I just filled mine out and will be dropping them in the mail today. You should’ve received the $100 handset rebate certificate in the box with your phone(s), and the Kellogg’s rebate form can be found here.

For the handset rebate, you need to send your original packing slip — the good news is that the rebate form handles up to six new phones. For the Kellogg’s rebate, you need to send the original UPC from the box (including the serial number) as well as a copy of your packing slip. The rebates are expected to take 8-14 and 6-14 weeks to arrive, respectively.

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