WaMu Increases Online Savings Interest Rate

I just received an e-mail last night saying that Washington Mutual is increasing the interest rate on their online savings account to 3.75% APY 4.00% APY. This puts it ahead of FNBO Direct, who is currently offering 3.50% APY for their online savings account.

While WaMu has made a lot of headlines recently, it’s FDIC insured, so you should be fine as long as you obey the insurance limits.

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  1. Anonymous

    I just called ING and tried to negotiate and got a “No” on savings rate negotiation. Borrowing is another story, I hear. On savings, they take the approach that they maintain a competative rate over time, and don’t offer “teaser” rates. (Published statements, and what the sales rep relayed to me). So I guess I will be moving on for “greener” pastures myself. I did previously try to tweek my earnings through the ING mutual funds (big disappointment as they’re all the same), and then Sharebuilder (huge disappointment – don’t even bother with that!)

  2. Anonymous

    Audrey, no you can’t negotiate a better rate. You just move your money.

    I moved my money around a couple of times, and now have three online accounts (hsbc, emigrant direct, and ing). Most of my cash account money is with ing now, even though hsbc is offering a special rate a half percent higher than ing currently. The special rates come and go which require opening more accounts to keep up with whomever is offering the best rate at the moment.

    ING would be even better if they added the option of listing a beneficiary.

  3. Anonymous

    After spending more than 9 years as a community banker (in a former professional life !), I have great faith in the F.D.I.C.. It would be hard for me to believe the F.D.I.C. wouldn’t protect balances covered under their stated limits. While it may not be perfect, I believe we have the finest banking and regulatory system in the world.

  4. Anonymous

    Our local brick and mortar branch of Wachovia has 4.25 APY on one year CD and 5% APY on 3 year CD. I just opened the latter. Was debating for a while if I should do it as the rates are bound to go up, but at the end I chose the higher rate.

    Yes, I know they are having problems, but as long as I stay within FDIC limit, I think I shall be fine. At least I hope so…

  5. Anonymous

    I just opened an ING Direct account and I’m wondering – is it possible to negotiate a better interest rate with them if I call and say I’m thinking of switching to another bank? I’m guessing these rates are fixed (shows how much I know about personal finances!), but figured I’d ask anyway in case anyone had any ideas?

  6. Anonymous

    If you are a Costco member, don’t forget Capital One Direct which is offering 3.75% plus a cash bonus if you are an executive member. Only downside is that you need $10k balance for the top rate.

  7. Anonymous

    Be careful, folks! I think there’s a very good chance WaMu will fail. They have been overly exposed to the subprime mess and now they need more capital to stay in business. How do they get more capital? Raise the interest rates to attract more funding. This bank is crippled and I would stay away if I were you.

  8. Anonymous

    I’m sure you’re right about the reason WAMU is upping it’s savings account rate. We’ve had checking / savings accounts with them for several years, and are quite happy with their website, integration with Quicken software, and availability / helpfulness of customer service reps the few times I’ve needed one. We have our HELOC and a plain old credit card with them, too. I would recommend them to anyone.

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