Yes, Quicken Online Really is Free

Last week I wrote about Quicken Online’s transition from a paid subscription to being totally free. Not long thereafter, readers started reporting that they were getting a login message telling them that their free trial had expired.

After a bit of investigation, I heard from the Quicken team that:

“The service is free and has been since the announcement with no intentions of going back to the pay-for-service model.”

Apparently this problem was caused by a glitch when they converted from a subscription-based service to a free service, and it only affected a subset of customers. Regardless, they had the problem sorted out within an hour to two. So… Quicken Online really is free if you’re interested in checking it out.

And if the online version isn’t your cup of tea, then check out the available Quicken 2009 discounts — you can get up to 36% off the list price.

4 Responses to “Yes, Quicken Online Really is Free”

  1. Brian: I was referring to the time that elapsed between my reporting of the problem and when readers told me that they were once again able to access their accounts.

  2. Anonymous

    A couple of hours? Nope. It was down all weekend for me, and their forums have posts to reflect this fact.
    I’m still hanging in there trying them out because I really like being able to see my “Real Balance” (including checks I wrote that haven’t cleared yet). But it’s a 24/7 world, and not having anyone available to respond to their problems on a weekend is not acceptable.

  3. Anonymous

    After reading your posting that Quicken on line was free I set up an account. To my dismay, a few days later I received the log in page the you described stating that it was a subscription service. I was a little disappointed since I had set up all my accounts, but then I set up an account at and I’ve found that I like their format better. So Quicken’s loss has become Mint’s gain I suppose.

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