Credit Card Receipt Poll Results

This week’s Money Poll question was “Do you save your credit card receipts and reconcile them against your statements?” A bit over 100 people responded, and I was interested to learn that the majority of people (52%) handle things just the way I do… More specifically, we don’t really save our receipts and cross-check against our credit card statements. Rather, we simply skim over our statements looking for suspicious activity. Perhaps more interesting, however, was the breakdown between the totally anal and the completely lackadaisical (i.e., people that save/reconcile their receipts vs. those that don’t keep track at all)… Just under 40% fell in the former category, whereas a tiny fraction of respondents (3%) throw caution to the wind and don’t pay attention at all. Rounding out the poll, 5% of respondents reported that they don’t use credit cards. Click here for the full results. Thanks to all who participated. Please check back soon for another Money Poll.

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