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Movie Snack Poll Results

Written by Nickel - One Comment

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The results of the Movie Snack poll are in… 40% of respondents admitted to bringing both snacks and drinks into the theater when they see a movie. An additional 26% bring snacks, but either skip the drinks or buy them at the theater, whereas 8% bring in their drinks but skip the snacks or buy them at the theater. In other words, 3 out of 4 movie patrons walk into the theater with their pockets full of contraband. At the other end of the spectrum, just 18% of respondents either buy everything at the concession stand, or skip snacks and drinks entirely. The balance of people (8%) didn’t fit neatly into any one category, and left comments describing their stance instead. Click through to see the full results.

Published on September 22nd, 2006 - One Comment
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  1. Sometimes I carry in a Starbucks coffee to sip. They last throughout the movie and my theatre doesn’t offer hot beverages, nor stop me at the door. If it’s hot, I buy a Slurpee there….
    When I want to be economical, I will buy the kid’s meal. Usually under $5, it’s the perfect serving size of popcorn and a few skittles or M&Ms, just enough to satisfy the sweet tooth. If there’s a little toy or stuffed animal on the tray, my puppy gets a toy when I get home as a reward for being mercilessly left at home.
    If I have just had a meal or on the way to dinner, I’ll simply enjoy some chewing gum. Just be quiet (shh) with the wrapper (no bubbles!).

    Comment by Anonymous — Mar 17th 2009 @ 12:23 pm

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