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Weekly Roundup – Waiting for Windows Edition

Written by Nickel - One Comment

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I noted the other day that we’ve hit a bump in the road with our home renovation — our windows arrived, but they were the wrong ones. They all had the wrong glass, which can easily be swapped out later, but some of them were also the wrong size. This means that they can’t close in the exterior, which means that they can’t tear into the walls to make the connection from the existing part of the house to the addition.

Unfortunately, we heard from our contractor last night that the right windows won’t be delivered until Wednesday. The good news is that he’s just going to install the windows that are the right size, and then nail up plywood over the opening for the windows that we’re waiting on. So… They’ll be able to forge ahead tomorrow and hopefully get things back on track. They’ll swap the glass and also pull the plywood and install the remaining windows when the right stuff comes in.

And now… Here are some of the articles that caught my eye over the past week.

FMF talked about car options that aren’t worth the cost.

Jim talked about the importance of keeping an eye on your your asset allocation.

NCN bought his van.

JD talked about the seven habits of wealth.

Flexo provided some signs that you’re about to lose your job.

JLP asked what it means to be wealthy?

MBH talked about how eBay is taking on inflated shipping charges.

Jeremy asked where would you invest now?

Lazy Man saves money by making beer – a man after my own heart!

Ben talked about Comcast’s bait and switch sales tactics.

4M compared a couple of emerging markets ETFs.

SVB is ready to quit the rat race.

Sun reported that we might not need to re-register for the do-not-call list.

Finally, David provided a link for searching over 9,000 libraries online (for free!).Weekly

Published on October 28th, 2007 - One Comment
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  1. That sucks. Hopefully you’ll be back on track soon.


    Comment by Anonymous — Nov 1st 2007 @ 7:26 pm

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